Today we have 4000 to 5000 living languages in the world, but English is by far the most widely used language. Nearly 300 million native speakers living in various countries, and approximately 250 million non-native speakers use English as a secondary language. If we count total users of this language, then this will certainly be over one sixth of the total populace of the world. Today it is the major language of debate and discussion at UNO, and the language of command for the NATO. It is the official language of international Aviation. Surprisingly, all over the globe, more than 60% programs are broadcasted and telecasted in this language. Not only this more than 70% of the mails are in English. Of course, the circumference of this language is increasing day by day. That is why today globalization privatization and advancement in science and technology has made it imperative on us, to learn English Grammar, speak, and write like native speaker.