Course Content

The centre of Advanced wood working offering a short term 66 hours course “CAD/CAM in Woodworking” this course is designed to impart the knowledge of CAD software BSolid, BCabinet and Opti-planning along with Modern machine tools being used in manufacturing of modular furniture with a concept of smart factory.

S.No. Module Contain Time duration Essential Software/Machines
1 CAD Producing Geometry in Bsolid 6 hours 1. BSolid Software
2. Bcabinet Software
3. Opti-Planning Software
2 Generation of Loading of Programs 2 hours
3 Adding & Editing Tool Paths 2 hours
4 Tooling selection & feed speeds 2 hours
5 Introduction B-Cabinet for cabinet manufacturing 6 Hours
6 Introduction to Opti Planning 2 hours
    Total 20  
7 CAM Basic understanding of CNC Machine 4 hours 1. CNC Machining Centre
2. Edge Banding Machine
3. Beam Saw Machine
8 Global Homing of working spindle 2 hours
9 Profile cut on panel using milling 4 hours
  Slot cutting on panel 2 hours
10 Drilling operation on panel 2 hours
11 Selection of reference on machine 2 hours
12 Work piece holding on Machine 2 hours
13 Automatic and manual tool changing 2 hours
14 Use of simulation for table tooling 2 hours
15 Pendulum operation 2 hours
16 Introduction to Edge-Banding 6 hours
17 Cutting of panel using Opti- Planning cutting interface is OSI 6 hours
    Total 36  
18   Project 10 hours  
    Total Course Duration 66 hours  

Eligibility Criteria

Any Engineering / Diploma / Science graduate and ITI in Carpentry/furniture manufacturing with 2 years of relevant industrial experience in woodworking industry are eligible for admission to this course.

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