Department of Computer Applications

Value Added Courses

  • Full Stack Developer
    • This course is core of today’s web development courses. It is the first choice of all the industries to develop web applications. In full stack developer, student becomes able to develop such kind of application in which we should have the knowledge of front end, back end and all together. In this course, we try to teach this technology in form of MERN. In MERN, M for MongoDB, E for Express, R for React and N for Node. If students learn this, they will be recognized as full stack developer.
  • Bigdata Using Hadoop
    • Hadoop is an open source framework and written in java. The data arises due to the presence of high computational technologies, social media, website, etc. Hadoop is able to resolve and tackle big data problem. To store big data, Hadoop provides component called HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System). Further, to work/analyze that stored data Hadoop components like MapReduce, Yarn, Hive, HBase, Pig, Sqoop can be used.
  • Web Designing
    • Web development is a core program of Computer Application. For web designing, HTML, CSS & JavaScript are an essential tool & technology. This course covers HTML5, CSS3, Core JavaScript as well as advanced JavaScript with ES6 and above. This course is also the foundation course for Full Stack Developer.