Responsibilities of IR

Distinguished Guest Lecture Series

The Department of International relations at KIET regularly conduct distinguished lecture series featuring international speakers and experts significantly enhancing the educational experience and academic environment of stakeholders, providing students and faculty with invaluable opportunities for learning, inspiration, and professional growth. Some of the objectives of these lecture series include:

  • Helpful in expertise development about the latest technology and research findings in that area.
  • Gives an Opportunity to interact with professionals at National and International level providing information about research, internships and industry connections.
  • It enhances an optimistic and conducive environment to set future goals and professional pursuits.
  • Lectures provide practical insights about real world examples enhancing critical thinking, innovativeness.
  • Sessions with international speakers promote cultural exchange.
  • It creates awareness, creativity and enables to create a positive brand image.
SNoTitleDateDepartmentResource Person
1 AI and Neural Networks 05-Mar-2020 EN Dr. Sunil Vadera Professor of Computer Science, University of Salford
2 Intelligent Information Systems, e-Government, e-health, IT in Education. 28-Feb-2020 EN Prof. Alvaro Rocha Department of Informatics Engineering, University of Coimbra,UC
3 Math-free Understanding of Concepts in Machine Learning 28-Feb-2020 EN Dr. Pavel Loskot Swansea University Swansea, United Kingdom
4 Advanced Small Modular Reactors-Conceptual Design and Research Challenges 26-Feb-2020 EN Dr. Thuy T. Le San Jose State University
5 Emerging Technologies for Communications and Healthcare 25-Feb-2020 EN Dr. Sheel Aditya Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
6 AI, Machine Learning and Big Data 17-Feb-2020 EN Dr. Bharti Mann Innovation and Architectural Advisory Services, SAP
7 Challenges,Research and Business Opportunities in sustainable Smart City applications 10-Dec-2019 EN Prof. (Dr.) Ishak Aris University Putra Malaysia
8 Condition monitoring,Power electronics,power system stability and quality and control 10-Dec-2019 EN Prof. (Dr.)Ahmad Abu-Siada, Curtin University, Bentley, Perth, Australia,
9 PowerSystemAnalysis,Communication,Control, Protection and Co-generationSystems 17-Nov-2019 EN Prof. (Dr.) Akhtar Kalam Victoria University, Melbourne , Australia
10 Power Electronics and its applications such as in wind turbines,PV Systems,reliability,harmonics and adjustable speed drives 17-Nov-2019 EN Prof. (Dr.) Frede Blaabjerg Aalborg University Denmark
11 Market for Solar Energy in India &Entrepreneurship Opportunities. 20-Sep-2019 EN Prof. (Dr.) JaideepN. Malaviya Managing Director of MalaviyaSolar Energy Consultancy Pune
12 Accelerating Corporate Adoption of Evs in India 19-Sep-2019 EN Mr. Appurva Appan Leader, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
13 TransformationoftheElectricalEnergySystems: Motivation,GoalsandChallenges 10-Sep-2019 EN Prof. (Dr.) -Ing. HaraldWeber University of Rostock, Germany
14 Sliding Mode Control forsteer-by-wire systems. 10-Sep-2019 EN Prof. (Dr.) Zhihong Man Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
15 Trends and practices in phase change materials integrated solar energy systems 26-Jul-2019 EN Prof. (Dr.) AdarshKumar Pandey Scientist & Professor from Sunway University, Malaysia
16 Applications of Computers for Parkinson's Disease 10-Feb-2018 PHARMACY Mr. Stephenson Smith, University of York, UK