International Activities

One of the main aims of the KIET’s Career Guidance Centre is to make the students aware and mindful of the resources and processes they need to follow to achieve their dream career path. This could only be done with the help of professionals who have the experience to share and have important experiential lessons to impart.

To achieve this aim, CGC-KIET has hosted numerous programs and activities and plans to host many more such events in future, for the students to take advantage of, right at their campus. These activities encompass both the National and International Spectrums.

Events & Activities

These activities aim at widening the horizons for students, looking for opportunities of pursuing higher education, internships and careers abroad.

SNoTopic/ThemeDate / VenueIn association withResource person
1 International Educational Awareness Week 28 Jan-01 Feb 2019    
1 Outlining the significance of BEC and Communication skills in Professional world  10 June 2018    Cambridge English Language Assessment  

These conferences are a great way to expose students and faculty members to the ideas and thoughts of people from a field of study from all around the world. With this in mind KIET has hosted various conferences on campus.

Some of the conferences are listed below:

SNoTopic/ThemeDate / VenueDepartmentIn association with
1 International Conference On “Recent Trends In Science, Technology and Management” in Collaboration with SWOSU, USA 21 & 22 April 2018 SWOSU, USA Dr.Todd Wiggen
2 International Conference On “Soft Computing and Mathematical Modelling” (APJAKTU, CST, SST, SERB Sponsored)  22 & 23 of Dec 2017 Applied Sciences Department of KIET  
3 International Conference in Association with Southwestern Oklahoma State University (NSTEBD and DST Sponsored) Feb 2017 SWOSU, USA Dr. Patsy Ann Parker, Professor and Associate Dean, SWOSU, USA
1 Visit to French Embassy 07 Dec 2017  French embassy Ms Golda Malhotra, N+I Network Engineering consortium, french embassy
2 Visit of the representatives from Canterbury University 31 Jan 2018 KIET Mr. James Stevensen, Canterbury Christ church University, UK
3 International Education Summit UAS 2018 27 & 29 Apr 2018 UniAgents, Leela Hotel, New Delhi By the representatives of KIET
4 SimplED International Education Conclave 2019 8 & 9 Sep 2019 Hotel Raddison Blu, New Delhi By Dr. Preeti Chitkara
SNo Topic/ThemeDate / VenueDepartmentResource Person
1 Applications of Computers for Parkinson's Disease 10 Feb 2018  Pharmacy Mr. Stephenson Smith, University of York, UK