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Why learn Foreign Language?

It is always about communication, imagine landing in an alien place and still being able to communicate with most of the population. That will impart a lot of confidence and make you comfortable in foreign land. Whatever plans you have after your bachelor’s or master's, learning foreign language will not only increase your skillset but options of getting admissions in higher education and getting jobs overseas will also rise. Knowledge of an additional language will strengthen your profile and certainly get you an edge over your competitors.

SPEAK- Speak with innate speakers on any topic you want. Make friends in diverse portions of the earth

READ-Read literature in the innovative language. Grow your vocabulary, master the language’s grammar, and extend your horizons.

UNDERSTAND-Understand new things about the foreign country, its civilisation, and traditions. Feel yourself like a portion of that part of globe.

WRITE-Write to your foreign friends or make business communications with people from other countries.

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