Foreign Languages@KIET


My experience with language class has been great since the day one. I have learned a lot about German people and Germany. The teaching methodology of my German teacher is awesome, which made it so much easy for me to read, write and speak German.
I am enjoying learning this new language.

Khushboo Singh

MBA Student (German Learner)

Excellent course and an excellent Teacher!!
Garima mam always makes the lectures engaging and interesting. The assistance and support of the IRPR department are exceptional. Learning German has opened so many new opportunities and career paths for me.
Thank you for introducing foreign languages at college.

Sugandha Sharma

CSE Student (German Learner)

I am Yash Vardhan Kapil and I have successfully completed A1 level of German. It was altogether a great experience. Learning language does not only give you the knowledge of that language but it gives you an insight of that place. You get to know about the culture and values of that place. Your mind develops and you get exposed to a lot of new opportunities and career options too. Your scope extends from national to international levels. For me learning German was getting to know about a whole new place whilst sitting in my classroom. It gave me exposure to new and advance fields.
I would like to thank my mentor Ms. Garima Khurana and Goethe Institute for their efforts and guidance.

Yash Vardhan Kapil

(German Learner)