Computer Science

Student Achievement

Session Title Achievement Type Achievement Date Short Description Team Members Organization
2021-22 Winner at RASVERSE IdeaFind+ Ideathon Prizes : Cash prize of Rs3500 to each track winner ,Free Swags ,Stickers ,GFG coupons(worth Rs 300) 17 Jul 2022 IEEE Robotics & Automation Society VIT Vellore organised an Ideathon named as RASVERSE IdeaFind+ ,we qualified 2 rounds of this Ideathon and moved to final roundi.eRound 3 ,where we pitched our idea related to agriculture track in front of sharks and in final round we became Agriculture track winner in this Ideathon. Team name: Bitwisor Yashasvi Baliyan ,Shivendu Mishra ,Utkarsh Arora IEEE Robotics & Automation Society VIT Vellore
2021-22 Offer from MSR(CSE) IIT KANPUR Higher Education 16 Jul 2022 I got a rank of 343 in gate 2022, I received offers from institutes iit bhu cse, iith smart mobility, iiit bangalore mtech cse and MSR CSE IIT Kanpur Keshav Gupta N/A
2021-22 Smart India Hackathon -2022 Grand Finale Finalist in SIH_2022 29 Jun 2022 Team got selected for the grand finale-2022 in Smart India Hackathon. They have submitted the solution prototype in form of template and presentation towards a problem statement rand recently it was announced that from all over India. The team got selected against the problem statement and soon we are going to present the solution in grand finale. Pranit Puri (Team Leader), Pranjali Shrivastava, Nandini Tyagi, Avishi Tayal, Piyush Gupta, Apoorva Singh KIET GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS
2021-22 Special Prize winner in Hackatra Hackathon and Internship 26 Jun 2022 we participated in a hackathon HACKATRA in which we got special prize ans 3500 INR also we got opportunity of doing internship in Shiva Agrahari, Akhil, Aman, Devesh, Avish Saini(CSE)
2021-22 First prize poster making competition 15 Jun 2022 I won first prize in poster making competition held on 15/06/2022 on the occasion of World Blood donors day. It was organized by Post graduate institute child health (PGICH) , Noida (GoUP). Archit Srivastava PGICH , Noida
2021-22 Research Publication in IEEE Conference Publication 08 Jun 2022 Published paper titled: "Study of Video Suggestions based on Calendar Events" in 6th International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Control Systems (ICICCS 2022), IEEE conference. Arti Sharma(Assistant Professor), Students of Final year: Abhishek Vashishth, Achin Shahi, Harshil Kumar Gulati, Ashwin Saxena KIET Group of Institutions
2021-22 Data Science for Social Good Fellowship Fellowship 06 Jun 2022 The Data Science for Social Good Fellowship is a full-time summer program to train aspiring data scientists to work on machine learning, data science, and AI projects with social impact in a fair and equitable manner. I will be receiving a sponsorship payment of £4000 for the 12 week programme, along with travel expenses and accomodation. Vanshika Namdev University of Warwick, Coventry, UK
2021-22 NCC B CERTIFICATE WITH ALPHA GRADING BEST CADET 01 Jun 2022 After Best physical training(Drill, weapon training, character building) a written exam is held in which all the parameter of physical training and general knowledge is examined and on the bases of that exam a certificate is provided. The certificate provides us huge advantage it provides reserved seats in universities or in gov jobs and also opens the door to serve our county as a lieutenant. Sarthak tyagi NATIONAL CADET CORPS
2021-22 Machine Learning Intern at iDEX-DIO, Ministry of Defence Internship 01 Jun 2022 Machine Learning Summer Intern at Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX) by Defence Innovation Organisation (DIO), Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence, Government of India Amongst 15 other candidates mapped to DIO as interns, I will be working as a Machine Learning intern for DIO(Defence Innovation Organization) on defence related projects. iDEX aims to achieve self - reliance and foster innovation and technology development in Defence and Aerospace by engaging Industries including MSMEs, start-ups, individual innovators, R&D institutes and academia. Vedika Chauhan Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX) by Defence Innovation Organisation (DIO), Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence, Government of India
2021-22 Research Publication in IEEE Conference Publication 24 May 2022 So long as there are people on the planet, solid waste disposal will increase. Its urgent to prevent further environmental and health damage from improper solid waste disposal. Thus, mobile technology trends for optimising solid waste collection have been implemented. Using this garbage pickup model, researchers created a mobile app that improves the solid waste collection and reduces environmental impact. Since waste generators are key to solid waste production, the model puts them at the centre. When it comes to trash collection, waste generators help make solid waste and provide a useful tool for local governments to sum up when garbage is collected. All current and essential mobile technologies are included in this study, and the model is used to create a successful solid waste collection system at home. Zatin Gupta(Assistant Professor), Students of Final year: Ansh Bansal, Priyanshi Saxena; Rishabh Garg; IEEE Xplore
2021-22 Gold Badge on Hackerrank in Java and C Award 16 May 2022 She has achieved gold batch in java and C on Hackerrank platform. Sakshi Khandelwal Hackerrank
2021-22 TCS Codevita TCS Codevita 13 May 2022 Have secured 4347 rank in TCS Codevita exam given bye more than 1 lakh students Hardik Wadhwa Tata Consultancy Services
2021-22 Research Publication in IEEE Conference Publication 10 May 2022 The goal of the paper is to create a computerized participation framework that uses face recognition. When a user snaps a picture of a person, our program uses picture recognition to pull for associated data in a database. The pre-owned picture recognition calculation required to be invariant to changes in brightness and view point because a client of the program can capture a photo in more favorable settings. Because the calculation had to run on the portable, a lightweight photo acknowledgment calculation was required. Two or three of these invariants can be grouped together as a component vector, which can be used to recognize a picture in particular. A best match can be found by calculating the distance between the vectors of an obscure picture and realized information base photos. Android is versatile and provides a wide range of devices for app development. This allowed us to accelerate the development of our exhibition hall guide application in a short period of time. A big number of Android potential has been considered, evaluated, and used. For the application dataset, SQL is used. Without cooperating with the tables, additions, deletions, and modifications to the information in the framework can be made directly through the intended GUI. The framework allows for a variety of data visualizations. Arushi Gupta(Assistant Professor), Students of Final year : Karnika, KM Renu, Rukhsar, Pratiksha KIET Group of Institutions
2021-22 1st Rank holder at Renaissance hackathon. Prize : Cash prize of Rs 15,000 to Winning Team. 24 Apr 2022 Renaissance is an international hackathon organised by team Randomize and we grabbed first Rank at this hackathon for presenting our Project HelpU ,which is an Android Application specifically designed for specially-abled people. Yashasvi Baliyan , Shivendu Mishra , Utkarsh Arora , Siddharth Chaurasia Randomize Team
2021-22 Internship Internship 01 Apr 2022 Developed front-end projects Harshit Vats, Kalash Sharma Oasis Infobyte
2021-22 GATE examination Qualified GATE 22 Mar 2022 Qualified GATE examination with a score of 389. Priyanshi Srivastava NA
2021-22 Mtech CSA (2yr) at IISc Bangalore , Gate rank -258 Higher Education , certification 18 Mar 2022 I have cracked gate and secured air 258 in computer science and engineering and also grt admission offer from top iits (iit kanpur, iit guwahati, iit kgp, iit roorkee, iit madras) and IISC bangalore And finally get admission in IISc bangalore Harsh Gupta Na
2021-22 Rank in GATE GATE 16 Mar 2022 Secured AIR 6767 in GATE 2022 Mukul Kumar Sahu GATEexam conducted by IIT KHARAGPUR
2021-22 Robodify organized by NIT Durgapur Certificate (first runner up) 06 Mar 2022 Its a circuit design competition. Where we have some problem statement and we have to design a circuit on tinkercad in a given time. NIKITA JAIN NIT DURGAPUR
2021-22 Hackathon 2nd Runner up 04 Mar 2022 Stood 2nd runner up at Robodify event in which we have to code and design an Arduino circuit individual NIT DURGAPUR
2021-22 Got offer letter from amazon For full time role (SDET ctc 44.14 lpa) Internship/offer letter 27 Feb 2022 Got full time offer from amazon for sdet role Harsh gupta Amazon
2021-22 Immerse ED Global Hackathon 2021 Certification/Awards 01 Oct 2021 Secured 1st position in Environment Sustainability Challenge organized in Oxford University by OXR Hub Ankit Yadav OXR Hub, Oxford University
2021-22 vGHC-21 Scholarship Winner Scholarship 21 Sep 2021 The flagship event Grace Hopper Celebration brings the research and career interests of women in computing to the forefront. Ayushi Tyagi
2019-20 AKTU COVID-19 Ideathon Challenge Project 07 May 2020 Alert Mechanism to stop touching face using IOT based device Isha Mudgal AKTU
2019-20 BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITION ENTREPRENEURSHIP 08 Feb 2020 I had won 1st prize and cash prize worth 5000 at a Business Plan competition at INMANTEC college for My business idea ReJute. RISHABH JAIN, ABHINAV DIXIT Entrepreneurship (Innovation center)
2019-20 Tech Savvy Contest Project 26 Sep 2019 Automatic Number Plate Recognition Isha Mudgal,Priyanshi Gupta Iot Academy