Computer Science


I am Uddeshya of the CS Department from the 2018-2022 session.

KIET Group Of Institutions being one of the best private engineering colleges of India has provided me amazing experiences both academically and personally since my admission into it back in 2018. While being in the first year, I became a part of Innogeeks - A Technical Society of KIET which not only helped in developing technical and interpersonal skills but also provided me great opportunities to participate in many National & International Hackathons and guided me towards securing winning positions at NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2020 and SparkTech Showcase Converge by Walmart 2021.

Even when the world was facing the pandemic, the college made sure that it shouldn't hinder our studies.The college provided us with all the resources and ensured that while being in our homes also we shouldn’t feel away from our college for which Regional Meets(get-together) were organised in cities like Varanasi, Lucknow & Allahabad where the college interacted with its alumni, current students and their parents.

Time flies so fast that with every passing semester, it never striked our mind that the day is approaching when we have to leave this place and enter into a professional world. But nevertheless, KIET has always provided us with all the guidance, be it from the faculties of my CS Department or mock interviews by our HSS Department faculties or the great opportunities brought up by our hardworking Placement Cell (CRPC) for our excellence.

I genuinely feel proud to say that I am a KIETian.

Uddeshya, Computer Science ,2018-2022
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I enrolled at KIET Group of Institutions to advance my computer science profession. In the first year, I was overwhelmed by the amount of talent I witnessed on campus. At this institute, I received the best learning environment imaginable, which enhanced both my academic and professional capabilities. I've had a lot of assistance from the instructors and seniors, who have been very helpful in my academic and practical learning. Along with my subject knowledge, my communication and time management skills have improved. These skills have given me the opportunity to grasp several opportunities.

There are excellent groups for us to attempt, whether it be sports, discussions, robotics, dancing, theatre, fine art, music, or essentially everything you can think of. The community I studied with, the academic guidance provided by the faculty and the CS Department, is phenomenal. Along the way, I had also taken part in and won several hackathons. There isn't any other place that I can think of that is both forward-thinking and artistically modest at the same time. These folks have constantly pushed me to be my best form and have influenced me in a variety of ways. My time at KIET has been exciting and engaging. I will appreciate the friendships and memories I have made at this institute for the rest of my life.

Alankrita Singh, Computer Science ,2019-2023
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I would describe the KIET Group of Institutions as exciting and dynamic. The best thing about being a student here is the number of additional opportunities that are available. I was initially attracted here by the college’s reputation.

The best thing about the degree is having the freedom to think of an idea and test its practical application. I feel extremely lucky to be in an environment that allows me to conduct research on what interests me the most, so in all my time here I have never felt bored.

To any new student coming to the College, I would say this: Throw yourself at every opportunity that comes your way. If it gets too much, you can always scale back, but those opportunities can make all the difference between getting what you want and having to settle for second best.

Hritwik Jain, Computer Science (CS) ,2018-2022

I am Akshay Chaturvedi of the CS Department from the 2018-2022 session.

I would like to thank the KIET group of institutions for providing opportunities to develop skills and confidence to survive in a challenging professional environment. They prepared me well for 4 years of my engineering. The mentors helped me in improving my theoretical concepts, and practical understanding of the subjects. They also paved my way towards a rewarding career. The Placement cell (CRPC) also played a vital role in guiding me towards a good placement and I am extremely grateful to them as well.

I am therefore very satisfied and happy with my experience at the college and thankful for all the numerous opportunities provided for my growth both as a human and a professional.

Akshay Chaturvedi, Computer Science ,2018-2022
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I am Ayush Srivastava of the CS department from session 2019-2023

The most critical years of my career started here at the KIET Group of Institutions. This college has provided me with a plethora of opportunities to grow and not only academically but beyond it. This institution has helped me to enhance my skills, given the exposure to participate in various competitions and events like INNOHACKS, and INNOTECH.
Even during the time of the pandemic, when the whole world was shut down because of Covid the college made sure that our studies should not hindered. The faculties have provided notes and recorded lectures.
I am very thankful to the amazing and experienced faculty for guiding and motivating me, and for being readily available to help all the students. A special recommendation to the Placement Cell (CRPC) for providing job opportunities even at the time of recession, and also the HSS department for conducting mock interviews and GD sessions. The people I met here have been such strong support for me. KIET has given me memories that I am going to cherish all my life.

Ayush Srivastava, Computer Science ,2019-2023
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I am Ayushi Tyagi of the CS Department from the 2019-2023 session.

I'd like to thank the KIET Group of Institutions for providing me with so many opportunities to learn new skills. Additionally, I want to thank the Computer Science Department faculty for their unwavering support and direction.
I joined Innogeeks, a technical society at KIET, in my first year, and it gave me the opportunity to explore various technical domains and to compete in and win many national and international hackathons like HackStar Bengaluru’22 and Toycathon 2020. It additionally aided in expanding my network and fostering teamwork.
Our seniors are also very supportive. They help us with our projects and guided me through every step. They also paved my way towards my career goals.
This four-year adventure will undoubtedly help you in your independence, growth, learning, and daily improvement. This road requires perseverance, consistency, and practise.

Ayushi Tyagi, Computer Science ,2019-2023
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A technology enthusiast and a career-oriented future engineer.

I'll be an engineer in a few weeks with a B. Tech in Computer Science from the KIET group of institutions, ready to start my career at Josh Technology Group. Along with cutting-edge facilities, KIET provided me with extremely intellectual, seasoned, and supportive faculty members of CS department who assisted me in developing my abilities and knowledge. In addition to focusing on the curriculum, the department also hosts and plans a variety of activities that aid in students' overall growth, such as workshops, festivals, hackathons, etc. I will always be grateful for the support and advices that I received from the training and placement cell and the CS Department during my training.

Nishant Jawla, Computer Science ,2019-2023
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I am Isha Mudgal of the CS Department from the 2018-2022 session.

I joined KIET to pursue my career in the field of Computer Science. In the very first week I got a glimpse of a lot of talent on campus and it was definitely quite intimidating initially. But working with Seniors and participating in different college events. I could see the humility and the desire to put into practice the skills they had acquired along the way. 

Whether it is sports, debates, robots, dance, theater, fine art, music and literally anything you can think of, there were high quality clubs for us to try. The professional support from faculties, CS Department, as well as the community I studied with is invaluable. I along with my team are among the toppers of Crack the COVID-19 Crisischallenge conducted by IBM and Nascoom where around 26000 teams participated. I had also participated and win various hackathons throughout my journey. I really can't imagine any other place that is progressive, artistic and humble at the same time.

Isha Mudgal, Computer Science ,2018-2022
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I am Sameer Ahmed of the CS Department from the 2019-2023 Batch.
From a 12th pass student too soon becoming an Engineer, it has been a wonderful journey of 4 Years. Normally 4 years seem to be a very long time but, as an engineering student, it flies in enjoying with friends and managing your academics.

I joined KIET class of 2023 for my Bachelor's in Computer Science. For me, the department, and the students here have always been motivating. KIET as an institution is well-suited to enhance your professional and educational skills. It is one of the best engineering college in Uttar Pradesh. The best part of being here is, you can always find like-minded people with common goals who are working hard every single day to achieve them. The department faculty members are always supportive of enhancing your skills. There are various technical clubs that help you guide in the right direction in improving your technical skills and knowledge. I joined college ERP teams and learned a lot from my seniors and mentors and those learning helped me reach where I am today. This institute has given me memories and bonds, which I am going to cherish for life.

Sameer Ahmed, Computer Science ,2019-2023
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I’m really happy with my decision of choosing CS department at KIET for BTech. The department has always been supportive in all terms and open to the execution of all new ideas and plans.

During my journey of four years, I never found it di?cult to approach any faculty or higher authority in case of any needs. Apart from this, the faculties are friendly and helpful. The concepts taught are in-depth and teachers even devote their after-college hours in order to help us.
Adding to academics, clubs have played a major role in the development of my personality and required skill set. KIET has a rich culture of clubs and I’m proud to be a part of them. Each and every club has its unique working style, which takes care of the holistic development of the students.
Overall I have experienced exponential growth in my skills and personality. I feel lucky to be a part of this institute.

Sanchita Mishra, Computer Science ,2019-2023
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I am Harsh Gupta of the CS Department from the 2018-2022 session.

I have had an amazing time studying at KIET Group of Institutions, the comfortable study environment, friendly staff, and cultural societies to blend you in particular Domain. Here, is one of technical society, which plays a great role in tremendous change in my life i.e INNOGEEKS, whatever club you choose, you will get a good family and great skillset. The society culture in the college not only helps you to grow but also impacts your nearby environment. There are so many activities that you could participate in along the way to get more campus life experience.

Our seniors are also very supportive. They help us with our projects. I got here everything - a beautiful campus, quality education, real-world experience, and amazing friends.

The environment not only helped me in consuming knowledge but also in developing my overall personality. College also supports you to explore different areas of study by conducting seminars, workshops.

I am sure you will grow, improve yourself and become a better you in the college environment. In last I want to spread a message that
"Practice Rigorous Authenticity, Surrender the outcome, Do Uncomfortable Work"

Harsh Gupta, Computer Science ,2018-2022
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I am Harsh Bhardwaj of the CS Department from the 2018-2022 session.

I would like to thank the KIET group of institutions for providing me various opportunities to explore new skills and talent. I would also like to express my gratitude towards the faculty of Computer Science department for their constant support and guidance. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Arvind Kumar Sharma and entire Placement Cell (CRPC) for providing such a

great opportunity to start my career with.

I had a really great time at the college and I am thankful to the college for paving my way towards a rewarding career.

Harsh Bhardwaj, Computer Science ,2018-2022
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I am Ashwin Saxena of the CS Department from the 2018-2022 session.

In my opinion, KIET is the best private college in Uttar Pradesh. It has amazing faculty. Mentors who always guided me and motivated me to keep going. KIET provides support to students to explore, learn and grow. My department faculty always supported me to learn and participate in various hackathons and competitions.

It provides an enormous number of opportunities to every student and also provides support to those who are less interactive. Faculty left no stone unturned to shape the future of students.

KIET has different Technical clubs for techie students to explore new things with the help of their seniors. Innogeeks is one of them. It has shaped me into what I am today.

Ashwin Saxena, Computer Science ,2018-2022
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I am Navneet Tiwari of the CS Department from the 2018-2022 session.

It is my immense luck and fortune to be a part of the KIET GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, where I can grow and explore new skills and talents. The entire faculty and department leave no stones unturned to shape the future of students. My three years at KIET have been a wonderful experience of learning with prolific exposure to the outside. Huge respect, gratitude, and devotion for entire faculty members and departments. It's their efforts that made me what I am today.

Navneet Tiwari, Computer Science ,2018-2022
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I am Aashi Tentiwala of the CS Department from the 2018-2022 session.

KIET Group of Institutions is one of the best engineering colleges. I am a 2022 Computer Science undergraduate. This institute has offered me an ideal study environment and has enhanced my educational and professional skills. The faculty is extremely supportive and has helped me in learning the concepts theoretically as well as practically. I've improved not only my domain knowledge but have also gained competent communication and time management skills. These skills have helped me in grabbing numerous opportunities.

Along with the learning environment, the extracurricular activities are excellent as well. I was president of the KIET Music Club that has provided me ample opportunities to showcase my talent and take part in several intra-college and inter-college events.

I feel blessed that I have found such supportive faculty and seniors have, who have guided me through every step. I have made some friends here who are my second family. These people have inspired me in numerous ways and have always brought the best out of me. Life at KIET has been thoroughly exciting and has taught me a lot. This institute has given me memories and bonds, which I am going to cherish for life.

Aashi Tentiwala, Computer Science ,2018-2022
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KIET is not just an institution to me, it is place where I celebrated every moment of these four years. I have gained so much from the faculties and friends that can't be expressed in words. The people, the environment, the experiences had been amazing and unforgettable. It has helped me greatly to follow my career goal.
The memories are created for life. I am very grateful for each and everyone who were the part of my journey.

Isha Singh, Computer Science ,2019-2023
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I am Arnav Tiwari of the CS Department from the 2019-2023 Batch.

I was always a resilient one despite facing numerous rejections in technical interviews, I never gave up. The resilience stood for itself and eventually I got something to look up to. To me, everything that matters now is what I learned during those days of hustle when everything seemed to make less sense and efforts seemed to have gone in vain. But there is nothing as such, individuals feel that way, but that’s the path or the days they undergo that’s what makes them different from others and that is exactly what defines them.

In the end, I always have to say that failures are very important because they define what sort of individual you are when you decide how to deal with them, and success is nothing but a derivative of failure.

Arnav Tiwari, Computer Science ,2019-2023
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