Information Technology


S.No. Invention Title/ Description Patent Application number Name of the patent office applied Name of the KIET faculty and students as Applicant/Co-applicant/Inventor/Co-inventor Department Date of filing Date of publication Date of grant/ registration Status
1 Exceeded The ATM Network: Account-Holder Has Exceeded The ATM Network Limit 201911050943 A Indian Patent Office Dr. Vikas Goel, Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta Information Technology 10.12.2019 03.01.2020 PUBLISHED
2 A Novel Block-Based Reinforcement Learning Move Toward For Resource Allocation In Clustered IOT Netw 202041005374 A Indian Patent Office Dr.Mohit Agarwal Information Technology 07.02.2020 14.02.2020 PUBLISHED
3 IOT Integrated fire monitoring and alerting system 202011056835A Indian Patent Office Dr. Sanjiv Sharma, Ms.Surbhi Vijh Information Technology 29.12.2020 12.02.2021 PUBLISHED
4 Appratus and Method to Convert and Translate gesture into text and speech and inversely 202111003097A Indian Patent Office Dr. Abhinav Juneja Information Technology 22.01.2021 12.02.2021 PUBLISHED
5 IOT ENABLED OBSTRUCTION EVASION ROBOTS FOR ENHANCING THE SECURITY OF THE SYSTEMS 202111013252A Indian Patent Office Dr. Abhinav Juneja Information Technology 26.03.2021 16.04.2021 PUBLISHED
6 UNMANNED SMART TAP FOR FILLING CONTAINER 202111018312A Indian Patent Office Dr. Ajay Agarwal, Dr. Adesh Kumar Pandey Information Technology 20.04.2021 30.04.2021 PUBLISHED
7 A METHOD FOR DETECTING BREAST CANCER USING ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK 202111019071A Indian Patent Office Mr. Kamal Kant Sharma Information Technology 26.04.2021 30.04.2021 PUBLISHED
8 GENERATION OF ELECTRONIC BILL FOR TRANSACTION REFERENCE NUMBER USING BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY 202111019348A Indian Patent Office Mr. Kamal Kant Sharma Information Technology 27.04.2021 07.05.2021 PUBLISHED
9 An Apparatus for automatic accident detection and procedural post accidental incident controlling me 202111021664A Indian Patent Office Mr. Mayank Tyagi Information Technology 13.05.2021 11.06.2021 PUBLISHED
10 AN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BASED TRADING SYSTEM 2021100342 Australian Patent Mr.Mukul Aggarwal, Ms. Neha Yadav Information Technology 31.03.2021 Granted (AUSTRALIAN PATENT)