Mechanical Engineering


S.No. Invention Title/ Description Patent Application number Name of the patent office applied Name of the KIET faculty and students as Applicant/Co-applicant/Inventor/Co-inventor Department Date of filing Date of publication Date of grant/ registration Status
1 Digging Tool 296188 Indian Patent Office Mr. Sachin Rathore, Dr.K.L.A.Khan, Ms. Neha Singh, Mr. Sanjay Verma Mechanical Engineering 27.07.2017 26.07.2019 Registration of Design
2 Helmet 301435 Indian Patent Office Dr.Arunesh Chandra, Anuj Negi Mechanical Engineering 19.01.2018 22.07.2019 Registration of Design
3 A Method For Preparation Of Aluminum-Based Metal Matrix Surface Composite Material 201911046551 A Indian Patent Office Mr. Sachin Rathore, Dr.K.L.A.Khan Mechanical Engineering 15.11.2019 29.11.2019 PUBLISHED
4 Vulcanizing Ficture Machine For Tyre And Detection Method Thereof 201921052332 A Indian Patent Office Dr.Rupesh Chalisgaonkar Mechanical Engineering 17.12.2019 20.12.2019 PUBLISHED
5 Multipurpose hand tool 332914001 Indian Patent Office Dr. Arunesh Chandra, Mr. Dipanshu Kumar Sharma, Dr. Yatendra Chaturvedi Mechanical Engineering 13.08.2020 07.06.2021 Registration of Design
6 An Ergonomic study table considering COVID-19 situation 202111017647 Indian Patent Office KIET, Mr. Sachin Rathore Mechanical Engineering 15.04.2021 FILED