Consultancy Rules

Consultancy Rules: Project Execution
Consultancy projects are normally initiated by requests/enquiries from the industry directly to the Institute or by discussion between the industry and the Consultants.

  1. When the enquiry is directly received by the Institute, the work will be assigned to a specific consultant/or groups of consultants depending on their expertise, and existing commitments.
  2. In the event of a client preferring the services of a specific consultant, the assignment may normally be assigned to the identified person with the approval of the Director, KIET.
  3. Consultancy project proposals (prepared in response to a client’s request) are to be approved by the Director, KIET who may examine the scope of the work and cost estimates. It is essential to discuss proposed work plans with a client vis-à-vis the scope and projected time-line, in order to obtain clarity before the consultant prepares the cost and estimates.
  4. The charges, once finalized, will not be negotiable. However, if the scope is altered, a fresh estimate may have to be considered.

Consultancy Rules: General

  1. Testing using laboratory facilities of the departments will be handled at departmental level by IRCDC department coordinator.
  2. The work is allotted by the Head IRCDC to a faculty member based on his/her relevant qualification, specialization & prowess.
  3. The rates of these testing shall be as per approved rates of the institute.
  4. The rates for the consultancy charges shall be revised in every three years.
  5. The consultancy charge is shared between the Consultant and the Institute in the ratio of 75:25 after deducting all the expenses.
  6. The total amount of institute share from all types of consultancy will be used for institute development.
  7. For projects involving only site visits for consultation work, charges will be decided at mutually acceptable rate which shall be based on extent and nature of work.
  8. The travelling & daily allowance will be extra as per institute norms will be borne by the client.
  9. The faculty members going out for consultancy will be required to assure themselves that any of the Institute responsibilities are not hampered during the period of their non-availability.
  10. Travelling out of the campus on account of consultancy activities should be undertaken with intimation to the head of the department and intimation should be sent to the Head- IRCDC.
  11. Completing the duties, in time will be the sole responsibility of the faculty engaged in consultancy.
  12. Whenever a consultant/Mechanic is found irregular and irresponsible in discharging his/ her duties, he/ she will be replaced from that consultancy work with suitable person(s).
  13. All the consultancy reports shall be dispatched to the clients address through a registered post with acknowledgement due, on client’s charges.
  14. Any other employee of the Institute may take up consultancy work with prior approval of the Head IRCDC.
  15. In case of any discrepancy the decision of the head of the institute will be final.