Handling Details of Equipment/ Instruments for Consultancy

KSOP Department

Formulation Development Lab

Rotary Tablet Compression Machine “D”, “B”& “BB” tooling manufactured to meet the requirement of Research & Development as per SUPAC (scale up post approval changes) & Pilot Production. Rs.500/- per lab batch
Tablet coating pan and Spray Gun with Air compressor Loading capacity 1 kg. Rs.150/- per hour
Spheronizer Loading Capacity Manual Loading Of Wet Extrude Min 10g to Max 100 Gram
Output / Hr. 130g / hr
Disc Fitted With Equipment Cross Hatch Pattern 3 MM sq.
Disc Available [Optional] Cross Hatch Pattern 2, 4 & 6 MM sq.
Typical Spheroid Size Controlled By The Extrusion Process & Equipment.
Typical Range 0.8 to 3.0 MM.
Cabinet Material SS 304 Construction
Contact Parts Material SS 316 Construction
Disc Speed 10 to 1365 RPM.
Motor Power 0.09 kw
Electric Supply 110v / 60 Hz or 220v / 50 Hz Single Phase
Dimensions 323 x 440 x 510 H
Weight 26.5 kg.
Gross Weight 50 kg.
Rs.250/- per hour
All-purpose equipment with pelletizer Coating, pellatization, wet granulation Rs.200/- per operation
Hot air oven/tray dryer Temperature Range 5°C above ambient to 250°C maximum Rs.200/ sample
Magnetic Stirrer/Homogeniser/Mechanical stirrer Max capacity=5ltr
With different speeds
200rs per operation
Double cone blender/RMG Maximum Capacity 1 kg Rs.100/- per hr
FBP (Fluidized bed processor)
For coating of granules
Cornimach 500 rs/ product
Orbital shaker Shakti engineering’s (24 ) 100 rs/sample
Tablet dissolution test apparatus IP
Monsanto’s hardness tester
Pfizer type hardness tester
Friability test apparatus
According to GLP compliance
Quality control test of tablet
200/ sample for dissoloution
and for combo testing 300 rs / batch
Rotavap Evaporating the solvent from extract
Used in liposomes/niosomes development
Muffle Furnace max. temp. around 1100degrees 100rs/ sample
Ultrasonicator bath/probe sonicator Used in formulation of nanosuspension & nanoemulsion 100 rs / sample
Clavenger's For extracting volatile oils from aromatic drugs 200rs/sample


Analytical method development lab

FT-IR (Shimadzu Affinity-1) Solid powder accessibility using Fourier transformation Infra red spectrometer with preparation of samples by KBr-Pelletizer with IR solution software for Qualitative and Quantitative analysis Rs.100/- per sample
HPLC (Waters) High Pressure pump up to 4000 psi and 1-10 ml /minute flow rate with C-18 column and amino column with variable wavelength UV-Visible detector Rs.50/- per sample
Gas Chromatograph System (GC-2010 plus) ab solution software, 230V, Single phase, 50Hz. Servo Voltage Stabilizer : Capacity - 4 KVA, Carrier Gas: Nitrogen, Helium or Hydrogen Input Voltage - 180 to 270 Volts Output Voltage (Earth to Phase)-230 Volts Earth to Neutral-0 to 3 Volt AC (earthing) Rs.500/- per hr
Karl Fischer Instrument Moisture Analysis(Coulometric or Volumetric titration to determine trace amounts of water in a sample). 200rs/sample
Chemical Analysis Milk testing, food adulteration 50 rs /sample
Tissue culture GLP compliance 200 rs/sample


Pharmacology Research lab

Behavioral Video tracking Software (includes morrris water maze, Y maze, elevated plus maze, open field) Behavioral Video tracking Software (includes morrris water maze, Y maze, elevated plus maze, open field) Rs. 500 /Day
ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent Assay) ELISA is a diagnostic tool that is used to identify peptides, proteins, antibodies and hormones and is a very useful tool in biotechnology and help in diagnosis of biomarkers like cancer markers. Rs. 1000 /Day
Stereotaxic Apparatus (SGLM 18DEG) This equipment manipulate the brain of living animal as it allows to accurately target the drugs/ elctrodes within the deep structures of the brain Rs. 1000.00 /Day
Weswox Fluoroscent microscope Weswox Fluoroscent microscope
It is used for selectively identifying antigens (proteins) in cells of a tissue section. Immunohistochemistry is also widely used in basic research to understand the distribution and localization of biomarkers and differentially expressed proteins in different parts of a biological tissue.
Rs. 1000.00 /Day
Non Invasive Blood Pressure Measurement instrument for rat It is used for intermittent rat blood pressure measurement based on the periodic occlusion of tail blood flow. It is used to rest anti-hypertensive activity of a compound. Rs. 1000.00 /Day