Computer Science And Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)


24 Jan 2024

CSE- AI & CSE-AIML Departmental Felicitation Ceremony On 24-Jan-2024

05 Dec 2023

Departmental Assessment of Annual Tech Fest Innotech 2023 Was Organized By CSE (AI/AIML) Department On 05 Dec 2023

04 Dec 2023

Industry Expert Mr. Arpit Jain - Data Scientist (FINTECH) Has Taken Expert Session on "MLOps (Machine Learning Operations)" On 04-Dec-2023

17 Oct 2023

DevUP Club Felicitation Ceremony Was Organized By CSE(AI/AIML) Departments On 17 October 2023

03 Oct 2023

Expert Session on "GENERATIVE AI" by Industry Experts- Mr. Upendra Tiwari(Data Scientist and Mr. Nandan Mishra- Founder (Ikigai Labs) on 3rd Oct 2023

03 Oct 2022

A visit to IMC 2022, at Pragati Maidan by CSE (AI&ML) Department was organized on 03 Oct 2022

21 Sep 2022

Career guidance talk was organised by the department of CSE (AI & AIML) in association with IR&PR cell of the Institute on 21st Sep 2022