Computer Science And Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)


Hardware: Computers (27 Nos.) Dell optiPlex3046 i7-6700@3.40GHz, RAM-4GB, HDD-500GB, USB Keyboard, USB Optical Mouse, TFT Computers (07 Nos.) HP 280 Pro G8 Microtower i7-1170@2.50GHz, RAM-16GB, HDD-500GB, USB Keyboard, USB Optical Mouse, TFT Projector (Qty.=01) Infocus, Switches Networking (Qty.=02), IP Camera (Qty.=02).
Software: Window 7/ Windows 8, MS Office 2007, WinZip, Acrobat Reader, Winzip, Winrar, J2SDK7, XAMPP, Apache Tomcat 7, IBM RSA, R Studio.

We have four labs on the Ist floor of H block- Data Structures and Algorithms Lab(Room no. 103), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Lab (Room no. 105), Web Technology Lab (Room no. 108), Data Analytics and Cloud Computing Lab (Room no. 106). These labs provide facilities for following labs according to University curriculum-

Operating System Lab (IV Semester), COA Lab (III Semester), Web Designing Workshop (III Semester), Data Structure lab (III Semester), Mini Project Lab (III Semester), Python programming lab (III semester), OOPs with JAVA (IV Semester), Cyber Security Workshop (IV Semester), DAA Lab(V Semester), AI Lab (V Semester), Mini Project Lab (V Semester), Machine Learning Lab (VI Semester), Web Technologies lab (VI Semester), Computer Networks Lab (VI Semester).