B. Tech. 1st Year & Applied Science

HoD's Message

Dr. Chandra Mohan Batra

HOD, B. Tech. I Year and Applied Science (Group-I)

In this post-modern fast paced technically oriented world, where applied learning is becoming the basic need of the hour to keep the core strengthened, in order to employ the applied courses. The vision of the department is particularly in this context to assist the students to the best of its ability to achieve their goal, and to become venerable Engineers & Technocrats. Apart from it I want a freer environment, so that each member dexterously blooms understanding the importance of bonding with the department. To accomplish this aim, we need to cross different milestones. First & foremost is definitely, imparting of knowledge to engineering & technical students. Secondly, to give mental nourishment i.e. to empower our faculty, we need to conduct conferences, undertake the IGNOU Centre, running of Departmental level – short term and graduate level courses, as we have faculty of immense capability and experience. So I look forward to implement these projects, which are yet in the pipeline, to make Basic Science an empowered & indispensable pillar of KIET Group of Institutions.


Dr. Rashid Ali

HOD, B. Tech. I Year and Applied Science (Group-II)

KIET Group of Institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad is a center of erudition where we nurture young talents in different fields of Engineering. Our major emphasis of imparting technical training to encourage curiosity and innovativeness among our students and lay a foundation from where they can acquire quick learning ability and adaptivity with the fast-changing needs of the industry and academia. Our faculty members are experts in the areas they teach. Not only do they provide a solid grounding in the academic theories and concepts of their specialty, they also provide the support to the students facing challenges in their discipline. They provide the students the right balance of theory and practice. We emphasize team work to give opportunity to each student to benefit from the ideas and intelligence of their classmates. We continue to strive to meet our mission to mold youth into world-class technocrats of tomorrow who would endeavor to increase the quality of life for humankind. I am confident that our students would be asset to our organization through their technical and managerial capabilities. My aim is to actively assist students in attracting and identifying the individuals’ requirements.