B. Tech. 1st Year & Applied Science


Computer Programming Lab

Welcome to the world of computers and computer languages. It has been started since the inception of KIET. Both theory and lab for undergraduates are in line with the curriculum of the university and have been in-place for more than a decade. The computer labs are well equipped with all the software’s even more than required. It has the latest configuration with high speed internet facility and about 120 students can use the lab at a time. This lab is committed to meet the technological challenges which are changing rapidly in today’s scenario.



In this digitally operated lab, we endeavour to make the students communication impeccable. So that students may become an indispensable part of the corporate world which is the need of the growing technology and expanding boundaries. English has become a global language so the students need to implement it in their day-to-day life to become globe-trotters. We initiate by first enhancing their listening skill, then reading, followed by writing and the last level speaking. These four modules are the barriers which we resolve with the aid of this digital language lab.


Physics is an important subject to understand the concepts of engineering and technology. Laboratory work is the heart of Physics and experimenting is most effective way of learning. The lab can tailor to all the needs of the first year learners of the B.Tech courses. Because of work in the lab, student become more concentrated and careful and it will help him/her to develop the skills in near future. Also, students will learn how to work with an equipment and how to listen carefully to recommendations of your teacher. Seeing to the future generation ability to innovative ideas in the fields of technology the physics laboratory course is designed by Applied Science, Physics Department. All the experiments are designed to illustrate the various phenomena’s in different areas of physics and help the students to get expertise to various instruments and their usage. At KIET, the Physics lab is well equipped with latest devices and instruments.
The lab has been set up for 12 experiments as per university based, and we also have some additional experiments other than above mentioned 12 experiments which in turn can be used as when students wants to learn. The objectives of an experiment in general are determining the physical constant, Measurements of a quality connected with a particular body, comparison of two quantities, testing of quantitative laws. A laboratory experiment offers an opportunity to the students which they read in theory and can understand the concept very well and this in turn finds application in industry, engineering and everyday life. Physics experiments help the students to understand the nature of science. It further develops in them a habit of doing things efficiently and regularly. Skill and ability developed during the laboratory activities can be easily adopted for the engineering activities like concepts of electronic and IT are developed as a way to understand modern micro-computer based instruments. In the near future we are planning for the virtual lab also.


Chemistry Lab

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry. It began functioning since the inception of KIET. Department is actively involved in giving students a hands-on experience of different instruments and techniques essential for their engineering requirements like Conductometer, pH Meter, Viscometer, Spectrophotometer, electronic balance, muffle furnace, colorimeter and different kind of titrations etc. in chemistry Lab for the understanding of very crucial parameters like water quality standards and its properties. The motto of the department is to give the students a glimpse of modern research and to harbor the scientific talent in those who wish to build a career out of it .Also it leads in developing the habit of scientific reasoning and providing answers to all the doubts that arise during the course of conducting experiments. The Department is committed towards excellence by establishing and meeting scientific and technological challenges faced by the ever changing, science centered world of the 21st century.