B. Tech. 1st Year & Applied Science


At the starting point of everyone’s college life, people think that either their college life is gonna be just about living their life to the fullest or being completely into books as if they’ve to give another board exams. When I entered the college the first thing I noticed which got my adrenaline flowing out of fasciation was the how well the KIET Group of Institutions has maintained the balance between academic curriculum and extracurricular activities.

In my opinion that is the best way to run a college well. Going into the academic part, the institution is so well equipped with all the training aidslike overhead projector in all the classrooms which are all air-conditioned, proper neat and tidy labs, library which actually takes care of having all the books according to student’s needs. Coming to the best part, the college gives its students the liberty to start and grow whatever passion they’ve by starting a club. There are so many clubs which are already established like for dance, singing, social work, literacy, MUNs, heritage etc which lets a student be a all-rounder apart from overwhelming his head in books.

The institution even takes a lot interest in organizing fests for their students be it a technical fest like INNOTECH where students get to showcase their inventions or a cultural fest gives everyone a time of relaxation, bonding and joy.

Vartika Lamba, Section : B, Applied Sciences ,2018-2022

It was a wonderful experience  at KIET Group of Institutions. The journey from the first year to the final year had been worth experiencing. I got to learn about multiple streams in my first year. The faculties have been very encouraging and supportive. Our overall development was always given a priority from first year till the final year, which had helped me a lot to become a corporate professional.

I would like to appreciate the placement cell at KIET for the efforts they made for providing a fair and ample amount of chances to us. All these efforts from KIET helped me secure my placement at Capgemini at a package of 6.8.

Bhavya Sajnani, CSE ,2015 - 2019
Placed In : Capgemini

I'm happy, seeing my son is in great hands, where the institute provides adequate facilities to embrace and enhance his technical and creative skills.

All the faculty members are experienced and have unique pedagogy in their respective domains. Apart from the curriculum, the institute has provided enough opportunities for the students, like different clubs, organizing technical events, seminars etc. which are very important and helpful for the students to develop skills and face future competitions.

Mr. Ramesh Khurana (F/O Rohan Khurana, B. Tech Ist year, Applied Sciences)

Excellent faculty which will support you with everything like attendance, subject areas, projects, etc. In first year, you will be taught really well in all subjects. 60–70% faculties in the first year teach really well. Great Infrastructure where you can enjoy and study 4 years with peace of mind. You will get plenty of opportunity to show your team- work spirit and leadership qualities as this college has loads of clubs and lay equal focus on the extra-curricular activities as well. The main show stealer used to be “epoque”.

You can expect a lot of fun activities and superb musical and dance night. It is a 2 day blessing. One technical fest—“innotech” and one sports fest--rann. All these are managed well. One more fest was added on our times by the name of “prastuti” for inter college events and fun activities. I could say from my experience one thing that it totally depends on the student how he sorts out his way ahead and leads to success.

Harshita Sachdeva, Section : V, Applied Sciences ,2018-2022

I found KIET Group of Institutions very safe and is having well maintained infrastructure. My daughter is happy with the atmosphere and environment. Campus is very peaceful and beautiful.

I feel very relaxed here, because rules and regulations are strictly followed in the hostel.

Mr. Yogendra Kumar Sachdeva (F/O Ms. Harshita Sachdeva, B.Tech, Ist year, Applied Sciences)

I graduated in from KIET Group of Institutions in 2018, from Department of Information Technology. Studying in KIET has been an excellent experience for me in terms of both academic learning and evolving as person. I came to KIET just as another student and left with an identity I am proud of.

The first year of the college was really important as it instilled in me the confidence to dream of a successful future. In the subsequent years, IT Department made sure that I am working for my goals and itself contributed big in it. I have had an amazing time picking up valuable life lessons as I went along in college life, and acquired theskills to have a secure and successful future.

I am currently working as a Software Engineer in ION Trading, one of the giants in the capital markets, where I got placed from the campus itself. I especially want to thank Aadesh Pandey Sir, the HOD of IT Department for keeping a conducive environment, providing us with ample of ‘outside the book’ opportunities, and always being supportive of any new ideas we ever come up with.

Mohammad Shadan, IT ,2018
Placed In : ION Trading

I am a student of B. Tech. I Year. Who took admission in this college in session 2018-19 from the first day is this college till today my experience is rich and worth. This college was not my first choice but yes the reputation of college compelled me to keep it in my list of top colleges. It made me feel proud when people appreciate it that I am a student of KIET.

Being a top college this college fulfils every needs and wishes of his student campus is amazingly built with a feel of professional structure and greenery. Properly departments are divided and well maintained labs are there. Classrooms are made comfortable for a purpose of undisturbed teaching and learning. Clear Classrooms with projector and proper light it provides a atmosphere for studying. Teachers main motto is the learning of students. They faculty is also very helpful and friendly. It comes to other problems rather than studies. (One thing which I want to suggest for us practical studies. Basics the learning theory in classroom there should be proper system for learning outside of classroom. Practical learning is a pillar of engineering which can be helpful to every engineering students).

Other things like extra-curricular activities includes PRASTUTI, EPOQUE where student gets a lot of opportunities to bone and showcase their talents. It makes us proud to say that our college won competition in NASA, Zond’s and many other laurds.

Enjoyment and engineering goes hard to hard so proper auditorium and canteens are given where they can take a break from scheduled life.

Hostels are clean and secured a proper and ideal place to live when you are for from hence. Food can be more good but no one can fulfil condition of large number of student.

All over it’s a place and an example of temple of education.

KINSHUK AGARWAL, Section : B, Applied Sciences ,2018-2022

I am very much happy that my son is doing his graduation from KIET GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS. The atmosphere of the college is very positive and healthy. Every Parent desires for the grooming of one’s child and this college has proven this in all aspects-such as education, sense of discipline, high moral and ethical values, social works etc. I like the fact that the Professors and staff are very caring. They give my child more individualized attention than he has had before.

Mr. Ravinder Kumar Goel F/O Yash Kumar Goel, Computer Science & Engineering

I completed my B.Tech in IT department from KIET in 2018. I am thankful to all my faculty members, batch mates, and seniors for their continuous support and my overall development to face the challenges of life.

College provided me lots of opportunities to participate in various events that helped me to develop my skills. During my college time, I participated in two national-level competitions one was Techkriti organized by IIT Kanpur and the other one was Tryst organized by IIT Delhi.

Overall I can say my journey with college was amazing. I was selected by TCS as System Engineer Trainee through CodeVita and got 327th rank and Capgemini in college. Currently, I am working as a software engineer of media & medical solutions division in Samsung R & D Bangalore.

Sarthak Aggarwal, IT ,2014-18
Placed In : Samsung R & D Bangalore

“Education is the passport to future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”   Malcolm X 

A new expedition began a year back and little did I realize at that time that it would be so amazing. Be it about academics, co curricular activities, fests, motivation from mentors; my journey in the lanes of KIET Group of Institutions has indeed been incredible so far. A noteworthy fact about the college is that the institute not only prepares the students academically but takes efforts to develop them holistically and train them to take on the challenges of life. The induction program at the beginning of the session is extremely inspiring and makes one become aware of oneself. 

The institute provides excellent facilities when it comes to education. The classrooms are equipped with projectors and regular assignments provided by teachers make students ready for exams. Also the labs are equipped with all experiment related apparatus and give students hands on experience on what they learn in class. Besides this, the campus is very eco friendly and has the custom of presenting its guests with a potted plant. This instills a sense of responsibility towards Mother Nature among students as well.

Moreover various co curricular activities all round the year act as stress busters for students. The technical fest INNOTECH, annual fest EPOQUE, cultural fest PRASTUTI and sports fest RANN give students a platform to showcase their hidden talents. 

In a nutshell, the first year of college gives you all that it takes to make the beginning of a journey remarkable and reminiscing. 

Some opportunities knock on your doorstep only once, seize them then and there. Live your dream ‘n’ wear your passion…

Akanksha Gupta, Section : A, Applied Sciences ,2018-2022

KIET Group of Institutions has played a very vital role in enhancing my skills and teaching me some life-long lessons.

This four years of journey has been amazing. Starting from first year, where I actually learnt how necessary discipline is, in our lives and got the opportunity to explore about different aspects of life. The following years had been as crucial as the first year.

KIET has always believed in helping and guiding its students and it was no different during the placement season. Regular classes held at our college to help us with our aptitude and technical skills were of great help, which ultimately helped me to grab a handsome package of 6.8 at Capgemini.

Urvashi Chaudhary, IT ,2015-19
Placed In : Capgemini

My daughter has now been at KIET for one year and I am happy to see that from the administration to the teaching staff, everyone I have met has been helpful and nurturing while tailoring my child’s educational experience around how she learns.
Just a year ago while we admitted our daughter at KIET, we were not sure how things would turn out. Our decision was solely based on the good impression and faith we developed in our first meeting with the faculty members there. After almost a year now, we can say that we made the right decision, and we are happy about it. The dedicated and hardworking staff, personal attention to all students, openness to listen to the parents, great focus on studies is some of the good things I feel worth sharing with others. I am glad that my daughter enjoys going to college regularly and we keep hearing nice things about the college from her. We wish a great success ahead for the college.

Mr. Subodh Agnihotri (F/O Surabhi Agnihotri, B.Tech. 2nd year), Computer Science

My Son is pursuing his under graduation in KIET Group of Institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad. It has really helped him in developing good understanding of the subject matter; social etiquettes and is helping him to groom into a responsible citizen. As parents, we would like to take this prospect to thank the teachers for their continuous care, support, collaboration, and most importantly patience. My journey as a parent with KIET has been very fulfilling, the sense of security and satisfaction I had for all the crucial years of my child's life was the key factor for me. I have not only witnessed the journey of my boy growing into a professional, but I have also seen him grow into a better human being and that is the most important part for me. It is good to see that the college gives equal priorities for both academics and extracurricular activities. Here, not only education is provided but the over-all personality of the child is groomed to prepare him for his future. Thank you KIET for inculcating the team spirit in my child and also to nurture him into a worthy professional. I would like to thank all his teachers, the support staff, the admin and everyone at KIET for playing a major role in helping my child.

Mr. Sunit Tiwari (F/O Sambhrant Tiwari, B.Tech Ist year, Applied Sciences)

It is my immense luck and fortune to be the part of KIET Group of Institutions where I can grow. The entire faculty and department leave no stone unturned to shape one's future. My first year at KIET has been a wonderful experience of learning with prolific exposure to outside. The faculty members and seniors have been a great contributor to the development of my personality in my first year. I have established my leadership, time management and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills to the whole new augment level. The infrastructure of the college is one of the finest in the NCR region. The best thing about this college is the cross-culture interaction between students from various parts of the country. The professors here make the college what it is today. With an attitude of being ever ready to help, and not only delivering classroom teachings, but they are also the pillars of the learning gained from this esteemed college and this is a treasure for life.
The faculty members work so hard on our overall development and conduct boot-camps and extra classes for us to enhance our technical and interpersonal skills. Along with academics, we here get sufficient time to enhance our skills and work on our hobbies for which there are multiple clubs.
Huge respect, love and devotion for entire faculty members and department. It's their efforts that make me to count myself into better a better version of mine.

Surabhi Agnihotri, COMPUTER SCIENCE ,2021-2025 (Section:C)

KIET has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I have established my leadership, time management and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills to the whole new augment level. The coding culture of KIET is one of the finest in the NCR region is what stands out the most. The best thing about this college is the cross-culture interaction between students from various parts of the world.
The professors here make the college what it is today. With an attitude of being ever ready to help, and not only delivering classroom teachings, but they are also the pillars of the learning gained from this esteemed university and this is a treasure for life. It’s been a great experience so far. I have found the professors and staff to be incredibly friendly and helpful as I am working on getting my degree. The curriculum for my major has good structure which can give me the real experience for the field I desire to get into. The Club/Societies are just amazing. They have helped me a lot in many ways. I really like this college because I can get the education I want. I would highly recommend KIET Group of Institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad to anyone!.

Sambhrant Tiwari, Applied Sciences ,2021-2025 (Section:X)

It has been a great experience for me being a part of KIET GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS. I am very happy to be a member of this family. KIET not only provides a platform to enrich its student academically but also emphasizes on the overall development of its student. It provides a lot of opportunities for students to showcase their talents, which include academics as well as holistic development. These activities create a very pleasant and enriching atmosphere for students as well as teachers as we enjoy it a lot. I am also blessed because entire college is well maintained and well organized, all the classrooms are well structured and fully air conditioned, neat and tidy labs and library.
Coming to the best part of this college which I experienced is that the teachers are so co-operative and helping that they even stay back in college after the working hours to help students whenever required. No need to go to outside the college because all the facilities are available in Campus of KIET.

Yash Kumar Goel, Applied Sciences ,2021-2025 (Section:V)

My life at Krishna group of institutions has made me stronger and helped me took a step ahead for being an independent woman. As an engineering student we feel life is going to be difficult and we keep thinking how to maintain balance between academics and other extracurricular activities but the faculty here are passionate educators and generous individuals, ever ready to help students in all concerns ranging from academics to personal and professional development.
I am thankful to all the teachers who supported and corrected throughout my first year. The events that I took part helped me to not only enhance my skills but also have helped me to grow emotionally, culturally, and socially. Participating in student-run clubs have evoked a sense of confidence and responsibility in me. Thinking out of the box and innovation are the norms here. If creativity and research are what you’re looking for, then this is the place for you! It is an idea that has transformed an empty hillside into a renowned college. KDC-KIET Dance Club has offered me countless opportunities to indulge in and showcase my talent . It enables you to nurture your creativity along with other like-minded students from different walks of life. I had the privilege of being a member of the KDC, and it will forever remain a cherished memory I have of KIET. My throughout Journey till now is a wholesome and holistic experience here in KIET.
In short, KIET is that sculptor, who with his tools will carve the best possible designs off you and make you into a sculpture useful for the society.

Tanisha Choudhary, IT ,2021-2025