Hobby Club Name Club Coordinator Introduction Project Description
The Material and Metallurgy Testing Club

Mr. Anurag Gupta, Ms. Pratibha Kumari, Dr. K.L.A. Khan, Km. Archana, Mr. Nitin Tyagi

This club offers incredible value and strives to develop various advancements in the field of science and technology. Here we deal with COMPOSITES which offer high strength, low weight, durability and design flexibility. We are using FRPC (Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites), It has got excellent physical and chemical properties. Composite which are light in weight, have excellent design flexibility and do not rust or corrode unlike the traditional wooden doors which are bulky, rigid and corrode with time. The students deals with the composite material which have wide future application.


Design & fabrication of plastic welding machine

An ability to design and fabrication of a plastic welding machine

2013-08-01 To - 2014-06-30


Development of man made fibre composite

An ability to develop fiber glass reinforced composite and tested the strength of the same

2013-08-01 To - 2014-06-30


"Effect of welding processes parameter on Mechanical properties of steel"

An ability to develop parametric window to the welders.

2013-08-01 To - 2014-06-30


Fabrication and characterization of Hybrid material of Aluminium 6061 alloy, silica carbide and fly ash.

An ability to develop hybrid material and tested the strength of the same.

2013-08-01 To - 2014-06-30


Devlopment of natural fiber composite

An ability to develop a hybrid fiber ( fiber glass and jute ) reinfoced composite and compare the strength with GFRP.

2014-08-01 To - 2015-06-30


Development of metal matrix composite

An ability to develop a aluminium metal matrix composite and tested

2014-08-01 To - 2015-06-30


Design and fabrication of pultrusion setup FRP composites.

An ability to develop the facility in the department for manufacturing pultruded frp composite profiles.

2014-08-01 To - 2015-06-30


Synthesis And Testing Of Aluminium Composite

The aim is to synthesiz and test the properties of Aluminium composite

2014-08-01 To - 2015-06-30


Effect of heat on wear of Hardfaced Steel

Acertaining the acceptablity of weldment for the given heat input

2014-08-01 To - 2015-06-30


Microcontroller Based Quiz Buzzer System

Micro controller Based Project

2014-01-02 To - 2014-10-10



1. Ranked among the UPTU colleges 2. MathWorks appreciation – MATLAB 2014 licenced version to all the team members (KIET being one among the only 14 teams which got this benefit) 3. Rank 2 among the rookie colleges 4. Appreciation from Cognizants private limited. 5. Semiconductor devices from ROHM semiconductors at reduced price and free samples assurance. 6. Ranked among the top 30 colleges that participated (among 90) [as per score card] 7. Defeated some of the prestigious colleges like IIT INDORE, IIT CHENNAI, NIT ROURKELLA, BITS PILANI, BITS KK BIRKA CAMPUS GOA, AJAY KUMAR GARG, AMITY UNIVERSITY, INDIRA GANDHI INSTITUTE FOR WOMEN, G.B. PANT UNIVERSITY etc.

2014-01-01 To - 2014-01-10


iOS Developer University Program

ARG Finance, Job Catalyst, Flash Card, etc.

2015-12-01 To - 2016-07-20

Solar Hobby Club

Mr. Sandeep Chabra, Mr. Ashok Kumar, Mr. Ajay Singh Verma,

The club deals with the application of solar energy. The projects are made by grabbing innovative ideas from students and let them work in new areas of solar energy. Solar energy which is a combination of light and heat is produced by sun. This energy moves from sun and reaches the earth where human collects it through solar collectors and convert it into any desirable form of energy. According to an assumption this renewable source of energy is powerful enough to replace the need of electricity that we get from 650 barrels of oil per year. The various application of solar energy are used in power plants, commercial use, ventilation system, power pump, solar cars, etc