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Session Date Target Audience Title No. of attendees Name of Organization Resource Person
2022-23 12 Oct 2022 School Students an interaction session on “Space Technologies” conducted by COE-Space Technologies 31 CoE-Space Technologies, KIET Group of Institutions, Delhi-NCR Dr. Abhishek Sharma
2021-22 18 Oct 2021 Faculty Members Ansys for High Frequency Electromagnetics and 5G Technology 20 ECE Department, KIET and ARK Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Mr. Akhilesh kumar, Assistant Engineer, MATLAB Design tech, New Delhi
2020-21 14 Dec 2020 Faculty Members & Students Antenna Design and Simulation 144 ECE Department, KIET and Numergion Technologies Private Limited Mr. Swapnil Gaul and Ms. Vaishali Kikan
2019-20 15 May 2020 students Participated in an international event falling wall lab 2 KIET Group of institutions Shubham Shukla, Dr.Pravesh Singh
2019-20 18 Apr 2020 Students participated and selected in the competition organized by MHRD 4 KIET Group of institutions Shubham Shukla
2019-20 15 Mar 2020 Students /Faculty Students filed a patent 7 KIET Group of institutions Shubham Shukla ,Dr.Vibhav Sachan ,Dr.Pravesh Singh
2019-20 08 Jan 2020 Students Training Program on IoT and Embedded System 35 KIET Group of institutions Mr Shubham Shukla
2019-20 22 Jul 2019 Faculties Students Training Program on OptSIM Software 15 KIET Group of institutions Somil Saxena, EIGEN Technologies Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
2019-20 16 Jul 2019 Lab Instructor/Faculty Students Training Program on Digital Oscilloscope (DSO) 18 KIET Group of institutions Mr. Vinod Shukla , UV Test Solution Pvt. Ltd.
2018-19 10 Feb 2019 Students Students training on Embedded System by EDu Talent 60 KIET Group of institutions Dr.Vibhav Kumar Sachan ,Shubham Shukla
2018-19 26 Jul 2018 Faculties Students Two Days Industry Training Program: National Instruments 18 KIET Group of institutions Dr. Parvin Kaushik
2018-19 18 Jun 2018 Students Summer Training on Real time signal and system using NI LABVIEW software and hardware 32 KIET Group of institutions Dr. Parvin Kaushik & Mr. Sachin Tyagi
2018-19 08 Jun 2018 Students Summer training on, Design & Analysis of Analog Circuits Using CAD 11 KIET Group of institutions Mr. Vipin Verma
2018-19 04 Apr 2018 Faculties Students LabVIEW Software with NI Hardware and Virtual Lab 32 KIET Group of institutions Dr. Parvin Kaushik
2018-19 15 Mar 2018 students Students training on IoT,Raspberry Pie 53 KIET Group of institutions Dr.Himanshu Sharma ,Shubham Shukla
2017-18 28 Nov 2018 Students /Faculty Students Training Session on VLSI by PINE Academy also signed the MoU with Ajus Technology 40 KIET Group of institutions Mr.Amit Bohra and Mr.Shubham Shukla
2016-17 28 Jan 2017 Faculty Training Training Program on “Newly Launched Automatic Advanced PCB prototype Machine” 15 KIET Group of Institutions Dr. Vibhav Kumar Sachan