Electronics & Communication Engineering

Center of Excellence


KIET Group of Institutions in collaboration with National Instruments (India) has set up KIET-NI LabVIEW Academy (Centre of Excellence) at ECE Department, KIET Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad. This Academy has been conducting the Employability Enhancement Program for Indian engineering graduates to provide cost effective access to world class latest technology through classroom teaching-learning. The KIET-NI LabVIEW Academy is the authorized center in ECE Department to provide the CLAD certification course training and hands-on Hardware modules like MyDAQ, MyRIO, sbRIO, WSN, Bio-Medical Sensors, ELVIS, USRP RIO, etc., using LabVIEW for engineering students, faculty and industrial personnel. The KIET-NI LabVIEW Academy also provides facilities for students to carry out their undergraduate and postgraduate projects.


Center of excellence of Robotics and Mechatronics has also been established by the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of KIET Group of Institutions. E-Yantra Lab has also been established by the ECE Department which is sponsored by IIT, Bombay. Robotics and Mechatronics Lab are beyond the AKTU syllabus. This lab is very useful for all the other departments of engineering. In this lab we have Fire Bird V, Fire Bird VI, Fire bird XII, and Four Wheel based robots. We also have a humanoid in this lab which is designed by 20 servo motors.

robotics & mechatronics lab


Microwaves and radio-frequency (RF) are at the heart of many electronic applications such as cellular phones, Wi-Fi, RFID, GPS, Radar and satellites etc.. The Lab allows both hardware implementations and theoretical studies in electromagnetic theory, antennas and RF, microwave and millimeter-wave circuits and systems for various government, industry and defense related applications, e.g. wireless communications, biomedical and healthcare applications, and satellite and space thrusts. The laboratories have the EM simulation tool HFSS for RF circuit and antenna design and the E44 Miller Machine for PCB Fabrication.


space technology


To keep the pace with the new advancement and technologies, Center of Excellence in "Space Technologies" is providing a platform to the researcher faculties and curative students, who want to nurture themselves in this newly emerging field of space technology. This Center of Excellence is hosted by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering under KIET Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad. This establishment is supporting the vision and mission of the Institution to imparting the knowledge to the desired one.
In the recent advancement of technological era of spacescience is playing a dominant role on each and every person direct or indirect way. Cellular communication, farming, geographic area mapping, remote sensing and many more other areas are available that are affected by new advancement of space technologies.


KIET MBS Research Centre

KIET MBS Research Centre was established in the month of January 2021 with the Vision to develop a Research and Development platform in the institute to meet the needs of one of the biggest industries in the world that is Health Industry. To become the only institute having maximum no. of commercialized products. The Mission of the Centre is to establish a high level R&D in the Institute and to provide the emerging technology to the students, faculty and staff. Taking the concept of Make in India further, the mission of the Centre is to develop indigenous Bio-Medical Instrument.


Ongoing Project in KIET MBS Bio-Medical Instrumentation Research

  • Plasma Ionizer – This device will be used to control the air pollution.
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring Device - This device will keep track of the human blood pressure and generates the statistical analysis.
  • IoT based Body temperature Pulse Oxy meter
  • Ventilators in an affordable cost with efficient performance and flexible design
  • Health Monitoring Autonomous Robots
  • Multi-Para Patient Monitor – ECG Respiration, IBP-SPO2 Temperature and Dual IBP
  • Anaesthesia Workstation - Boils Separators, Ventilators and Patient Monitor
  • Neuro-Muscular Transmission (NMT) System – Muscular Simulator
  • Bi- Spectral Index (BIS)
  • Vaporizer
  • Infusion Pump and Syringe Pump
  • CTG – Cardiotocograph

Product Developed by KIET MBS
It is a matter of immense pleasure to share this information with you that the team of KIET MBS has come up with their first industry ready product *Oxyana* to get installed in plant established at Loni Ghaziabad. Our product Oxyana is an Oxygen analyzer device with multiple controlling features. This device is novel as it is the only existing device which shows different parameters of the flowing oxygen. It shows 4 parameters of the flowing oxygen which includes its concentration, flow, humidity and temperature also the on board microcontrollers in the device help in controlling the valves to maintain the flow and concentration level. It took us 6 months to complete this project but with the dedicated team efforts we have managed to complete our first consultancy project on time and also received the order for developing 19 units from MBS India Pvt.Ltd. The members of a giant company General Electric(GE) have visited the plant and taken the close review of our product, they were pleased and gave us the assurance of collaboration with KIET MBS research Centre in the near future.