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Session Date Target Audience Title No. of attendees Name of Organization Resource Person
2022-23 11 Feb 2023 All faculties and students 3 rd International Symposium on Women & Girls in Science 167 APTI-Women’s Forum and HelathPrax. Dr. Malliga Iyer (NIAAA-National Institute of Health, USA), APTI Central Committee members, Dr. Milind Umekar (President, APTI), Prof. (Dr.) Vandana Patravale (Convener-APTI Women’s Forum), Dr. Pallavi Ahirrao Jachak (Co-convener APTI Women’s Forum), Dr. Hema Chaudhary (Coordinator North, APTI Women’s Forum), Prof. (Dr.) Anil K. Ahlawat (Dean Academics, KIET Group of Institutions) and Prof. (Dr.) K. Nagarajan (Principal, KIET School of Pharmacy)
2021-22 12 Feb 2022 All faculties and students “Women and Girls Science” 260 APTI-Women’s Forum and HelathPrax. Dr. Malliga Iyer from NIAAA, National Institute of Health, USA.
2021-22 07 Oct 2021 Faculty members, research scholars, PG and UG students Int Conference on Advances in Pharmaceutical & Health Sciences 2021 365 KIET School of Pharmacy in collaboration with IITR Lucknow Dr. Om Perumal, South Dakota State University, USA
Dr. A.B. Pant, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-IITR, Lucknow
Dr. Jyotsna Singh, Regulatory Toxicology Group, CSIR-IITR, Lucknow
Dr. C. Gandhimathi, Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, Singapore
Dr. A. K. Saxena, Emeritus Medical Scientist, CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow
Dr. Sanjay Jachak, Professor, Dept. of Natural Products, NIPER, Mohali
Dr. Kamal Dua, Professor, Univ. of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Dr. Shakti Pattnayak, Assoc. Prof., Central University of South Bihar, Gaya
Dr. D. P. Pathak, Professor, Delhi Inst. of Pharm. Sci. & Res., New Delhi
Mr. Neeraj Sharma, Cosci med-tech Co.Ltd., Beijing, China
Dr. Kundan Ingale, Scientist, NovaLead, Pune
2020-21 11 Feb 2021 All faculties and students “International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2021” KSOP Prof. Asha Rao (Associate Dean, Mathematical Sciences, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia).
2019-20 21 Feb 2020 Faculties and students from various colleges Students International Conference (IAIHC-2020) on Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 550 KIET School of Pharmacy Dr. Atul Nasa,Mr.Abhishek Pathak,Dr.Indu,Dr,GVR Joseph
2018-19 17 Aug 2018 Faculties and students from various colleges Students Emerging Trends in Computational Drug Discovery ETCDD-2018 380 KIET School of Pharmacy Dr. P. V. Bharatam,Dr. Praveen T.K,Dr. Ratnesh Das,Dr. Partha Pratim Roy,Dr. Shailly Tomar,Dr. Bashirullah Shaik,Dr. Ravinesh Mishra
2017-18 01 Sep 2017 Faculties and students from various colleges Students Emerging Trends in Pharmacology and Pharmacy Practice (NRIPSCON-2017) 480 KIET School of Pharmacy Dr. Nilanjan Saha,Prof. BikashMedhi,Dr. K.K. Sharma,Dr. S.S. Sharma ,Dr. Ravinder Kaundal ,Dr. Nirmal Singh ,Dr. Rajeev Taliyan,Prof. Milind Parle