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Faculty Development Program

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Session Date Target Audience Title No. of attendees Name of Organization Resource Person
2021-2022 06 Dec 2021 Higher education faculty An Insight into NBA Accreditation program 100 department of electronics and communication engineering in association with (internal quality assurance cell) IQAC cell, ABES engineering college, Ghaziabad Prof.(Dr.) Priyanka Bhardwaj, Prof. (Dr.) Kusum Lata Aggarwal
2020-21 26 Jul 2021 Persons from academia and industry, Research scholars AICTE ATAL sponsored FDP on Adoption of Virtual reality tools and technologies for drug discovery and development 200 KIET School of Pharmacy Dr. Parthasarathi Ramakrishnan Centre for Innovation & Translational ResearchCSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research Lucknow, India
Dr. Shandar Ahmad, School of Computational and Integrative Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
Dr. Sushil Chandra, INMAS, Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), New Delhi, India
Dr. Mukesh Nandave, Delhi Pharmaceutical Science and Research University, New Delhi, India
Dr. Vesna Rastija, Department of Agroecology and Environmental Protection, Cathedra for Chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences Osijek, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Osijek, Croatia
Dr. Prajwal Nandekar, Schrodinger Inc., Bangalore, India
Dr. Dileep Kumar, Dept. of Pharm. Chemistry, Poona College of Pharmacy, Bharti VidyaPeeth University, Pune, India
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Bansal, RamEesh Institute of Vocational & Technical Education, Greater Noida, India
Dr. L. Sathiyanarayanan, Poona College of Pharmacy, Pune, India
Dr. Vijay Masand, Dept. of Chemistry, Vidya Bharati College, Amarawati, India
Dr. A. S. Chintakrindi, Vivekanand Education Societys College of Pharmacy, Mumbai, India
Dr. Supratik Kar, Interdisciplinary Center for Nano-toxicity, Dept. of Chemistry, Physics & Atmospheric Science, Jackson State University, MS, USA
Dr. Evans Coutinho, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Bombay College of Pharmacy, Mumbai, India
Dr. Kundan Ingle, NovaLead Pharma Pvt. Ltd., India
2020-21 21 Jul 2021 Intercollege Faculties and students Adoption of virtual reality technologies for drug discovery 200 KSOP KSOP Faculties
2019-20 15 Jul 2019 Faculties and students from various colleges Students FDP on Herbal Nanopharmacology 60 KIET School of Pharmacy Dr. GVR Joseph,Dr. Tapas Kumar Goswami,Dr. Sayeed Ahmad,Dr. Sudhansu Ranjan Swain
2017-18 10 Jul 2017 Faculties and students from various colleges Students FDP on Pharmacology: Pre-clinical to Clinical 63 KIET School of Pharmacy Prof. (Dr.) R.K. Goel,Prof. (Dr.) Milind Parle,Dr. Nilanjan Saha,Dr. H. N. Yadav