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Session Date Target Audience Title No. of attendees Name of Organization Resource Person
2023-24 04 Oct 2023 EEE, 2nd Yr India Expo and Centre & Mart Greater Noida 42 Expo Mart Greater Noida, U. P. Dr Rahat Ullah Khan
2023-24 15 Sep 2023 EEE III Yr Green Hydrozen Opportunities and challenges in clean energy. 47 green hydrogen at GH2 India (Exhibition and conference) in Greater Noida Dr Rahat Ullah Khan
2023-24 28 Aug 2023 EEE II Yr Summer Internship Research 20 IIPC, KIET Dr. Natwar Singh Rathore & Dr. Varung Gupta
2023-24 21 Jun 2023 EEE III Yr National Institute of Solar Energy , Gurugram, Haryans 86 NISE , Gurugram, Haryana Dr Rahat Ullah Khan
2023-24 25 Feb 2023 EEE III Yr World Book Fair, at Pragati Maidan, Delhi 43 Pragati Maidan Delhi Dr Rahat Ullah Khan
2022-23 29 Mar 2023 EEE, 3rd Year (Batch 2022-2025) Students Transport India Expo , NextGen Solution for Urban Mobility 41 Pragati Maidan Delhi Dr Rahat Ullah Khan
2022-23 13 Jan 2023 EEE III Yr AutoExpo-The Motor Show2023 45 Expo Mart Greater Noida, U. P. Dr Rahat Ullah Khan
2021-22 22 Jul 2022 EEE students Design and simulation of advanced power engineering systems with software-in-loop and hardware-in-loop modelling 12 KIET Dr. Brijesh Singh and Prof Salim
2021-22 04 May 2022 1st Year, Innovation Centre Visit for 1st year students (Code with core) 50 KIET Dr . Neeraj Kumar Gupta
2021-22 02 May 2022 1st Year Automation Lab Visit for 1st-year students (Code with core) 50 KIET Dr Varun Gupta
2021-22 23 Aug 2021 KIET Students Internship Programme on Power Engineering Technologies in Smart Societies (State of Art to Skill Development) 35 KIET Dr. Brijesh Singh, Prof. Salim, Prof. Piyush Ojha Dr. Shruti Pandey
2020-21 29 Jul 2021 4th year SARACA Training Program 15 SARACA Prof. Naveen Kumar
2019-20 11 May 2020 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th Year Students Online Summer Internship Programme on Power Industry Practices and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (State of Art to Project Development)
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2019-20 06 Jan 2020 EN Students Students Modelling and Simulations of Renewable Energy Systems and Integration.
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33 KIET Dr Brijesh Singh & Prpf Kapil Gandhi
2019-20 01 Jul 2019 Faculty Members and research Scholars Emerging Trends and Challenges in Grid Connected Renewable Power Generation 45 KIET Ghaziabad Dr. G Bhuvenashwari (IIT Delhi), Dr. DP Kothari, Dr. Ashu Verma (IIT, Delhi), Dr. Mukhtiyar Singh (DTU Delhi), Dr. PC Pant (Director MNRE) etc
2018-19 12 Jun 2019 Students Advance power Engineering technologies, instruments & green energy
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25 KIET Ghaziabad Dr. Brijesh Singh, Mr. Kapil Gandhi, Mr. Ramesh Singh
2018-19 01 Jan 2019 EN students AI and IOT 50 KIET GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS Rishabh Gupta, Mayank Parmar, Farrukh Khan and Prateek Aggarwal
2017-18 18 Jun 2018 EN students Summer School on Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IOT), C/C++, Python, OPAL-RT 36 KIET GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS Internal
2016-17 10 Jul 2017 Faculty Memebers of EN Department Electric Power System' (Inauguration with IIT Khargpur) 50 KIET Dr. Brijesh Singh
2015-16 18 Jul 2016 IV Year students of EN Branch "Instrumentation, monitoring and recording data for Energy Audit of SPV Power plant " 15 KIET 1. Prof. Ashish Thombre 2. Prof. Mohd. Shariz Ansari