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Centre of Excellence for Power Engineering Technologies and Clean Energy Integration

About Centre
"Centre of Excellence for Power Engineering Technologies and Clean Energy Integration" is one of the centre of KIET Group of Institutions Ghaziabad established by Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in March 2019. It is one of centres in Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU)Lucknow, working in power engineering applications included clean and renewable energy system technologies. The intention is to create a platform with multi-disciplinary environment in area of power engineering and renewable energy technologies for experts, researcher, academicians, students and industry.

To accommodate this objective, the centre will provide an infrastructural facilities and environment to conduct experiments to understands knowhow, constraints and requirements of power engineering applications including clean/ renewable energy system technologies. The purpose is to produce collaborative research outcomes/solutions with social impacts in association with academic institutions and industries globally. The platform also provides a channel of communication to exchange the experiences and ideas at global level through technical programme such as training, workshops, seminars, conferences, expert talks, schools, internships and FDPs. The centre is placed in Room No. A-016, A-Block, KIET Group of Institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.                   

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  • Research and development on electrical grid infrastructure produce flexible, reliable, resilient, secure, and sustainable solutions.
  • To solve energy challenges using computational science, applied mathematics, scientific data management and artificial intelligence.
  • Research on photovoltaics, wind power, solar-thermal power, bio-mass energy systems integration.
    Development of solutions for future energy systems including security, resiliency, reliability, affordability, and cleanness features.
  • Design and development of cost effective, energy-efficient and affordable Electric Vehicle and Mobility technologies for public transportation.
  • To support the industry partners for creating innovative and integrated systems for electric, fuel cell, and conventional vehicles.
  • To help manufacturers and power practitioner for finding the most energy-efficient and sustainable solutions in production and processes.
  • To create a strong association of expertise with verity of experiences to exchange the knowledge and ideas.
    Conduct technical programme such as training, workshops, internships, seminars, conferences, expert talks, schools and FDPs in relevant areas.


  • Advance Computer Modelling and Simulation Laboratory
    • MATLAB, DigSilent Power Factory, PVSyst.
  • Real-Time Simulation and HIL Laboratory
    • Opal-RT Real-Time Digital Simulator with access to hardware-in-the-loop capabilities.
  • Renewable Energy Integration Laboratory
    • Eco-sense makes Hardware Simulator for PV Energy Conversion system; Hardware Simulator for PMSG based wind Energy Conversion system; 3.2kWp Roof Top Solar PV Panels; 2.0 kW Grid-Tie Solar Inverter, 1-Phase Inverter (3.5Kw, 48V, 40A) with Customized drivers, Customized MPPT Charge Controller (48v, 40A); Charge Controller (12-24v, 20A); Single phase and three phase constant power and dynamic loads;Battery pack (48 Volt,84 Ah Lead Acid).
  • Advance Electrical Vehicular Technology Laboratory
    • Various types of electrical drives and machines; dSpace; DSP Trainer Kits; Digital storage oscilloscope TPS 2014, 100MHz 4 Isolated channel color display,Power Quality Analyzers with data logging facility, Battery pack (48 Volt,84 Ah Sealed Lead Acid); PCBs Fabrication (CNC) and prototyping machines; Tig Welding Machine.

Infrastructural Facilities

  • A 31X23Ft. air-conditioned large floor space for research activities
  • Single-Phase and Three-phase AC electrical power supply systems (10 kVA loading capacity)
  • Dedicated 15X8 Ft. computer lab for soft computing and simulations  
  • Uninterrupted power supply system
  • ICT based classroom for conduction of FDPs/STTPs/SDPs/Tutorials (max. 20 person).

Associated Knowledge Partner
Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers (ISIE), Noida
An ISO 9001:2008 & Associate Member of FMSCI and SFI; National Youth Award Winner by Ministry of Youth Affairs; Recommended by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt of India.

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Funded/Sponsored Projects

  1. Development of Retro-fitted Electric Car under skill development programme on Design and Assembly of Electric Vehicles, funded by KIET Ghaziabad, INR 3.88 Lac, Feb 05, 2020.
    (Peoples working: Dr. Brijesh Singh and Students of B. Tech (EN) VI Sem.) 
  1. Development of Standalone Small Scaled Hybrid Microgrid System for Agriculture Requirements, CRIP funding through TEQIP-III funded by AKTU, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, INR 3.0 Lac, June 26, 2019.
    (Peoples working: Dr. Brijesh Singh and Prof. Kapil Gandhi) 


  1. Installation of 4 kW Solar Power Plant with intelligent Energy Management System for PC lab, Research Project under VRPS scheme granted by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, INR 5.0 Lac, July 2018 to Feb 2020.
    (Peoples worked: Dr. Neeraj Kumar Gupta, Prof. Ashish D. Thombre and Mr. Aditya Singh) 

Research Projects

S. No. Title of the Research Project Peoples Working Start Year Status
1.         AI based Load and Renewable Energy Forecasting Dr. Brijesh Singh and Mr. Akash Tripathi May 2020 Ongoing
2.         Hybrid Energy Transportation Systems including Demand Side Response and Management Dr. Brijesh Singh and Prof. Swati Singhal February 2020 Ongoing
3.         ANN based speed estimation in induction motor drives Dr. Brijesh Singh, Mr. Arpit Bhusan Sharma, and Mr. Sandeep Kumar Tiwari February 2020 Completed in year 2020
4.         Battery SOC Monitoring and Control Systems in Micro-Grids Dr. Brijesh Singh and Mr. Shashwat Dwivedi November 2019 Ongoing
5.         Solar Photo Voltaic Panel Cooling Systems Dr. Brijesh Singh, Mr. Rohan Singh, Mr. Shubham Kumar Patel, Mr. Nitiesh Singh, and Mr. Rituraj Singh September 2019 Ongoing
6.         Optimal Renewable Energy Utilization in Power Systems Dr. Brijesh Singh and Mr. Deepak Yadav May 2019 Ongoing
7.         Minimization of Power Variation in Wind Energy Conversion System using Fuzzy Logic Control Dr. Brijesh Singh, Mr. Arpit Bhusan Sharma, and Mr. Sandeep Kumar Tiwari April 2019 Completed in year 2020
8.         Optimal Utilization of Green Energy Corridors Dr. Brijesh Singh and Dr.Nitai Pal March 2019 Ongoing
9.         Optimal utilization of mid-day over generated power and solution of increased voltage in solar PV integrated network Dr. Brijesh Singh and Mr. Deepak Yadav March 2019 Ongoing

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  1. Intelligent Parking & Charging Stations
  2. AI based Cell Balancing System inE-Mobility & Storages Technologies
  3. Energy Management Systems for Micro-Grids
  4. Identification of Customer Priority Factor for Economic Load Dispatch in Power Markets
  5. Solar Powered Toilet
  6. Distribution System Automation and AI for Prosumers (Combination of Power Producers and Consumers)
  7. Smart Grids Operation and Control
  8. Forecasting for Electricity Market
  9. AI for Matching Supply and Demand in Power Systems
  10. AI for Efficiency and Reliability of Renewable Energy System
  11. Weather Monitoring System Using IOT
  12. Smart Building System using IOT

Technical Committee

  • Professor (Dr.) Neeraj Kumar Gupta, Professor & Head
  • Prof. (Dr.) Brijesh Singh, Associate Professor&Convener
  • Prof. Ashish D. Thombre, Associate Professor &Advisor
  • Prof. (Dr.) Faisal Jalil, Assistant Professor& Member
  • Prof. (Dr.) Ajeet Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor& Member
  • Prof. (Dr.) Shruti Pandey, Assistant Professor& Member
  • Prof. (Dr.) Natwar Singh Rathore, Assistant Professor& Member

Activity Reports
Joint Activity Report (CEPET&CEI and KIET IEEE Student Branch) 2019                      Click here
Joint Activity Report CEPET&CEI and IEEE SB-Jan-June 2020 Vol.1                            Click here

Contact for Collaboration and Association
Dr. Brijesh Singh
Associate Professor (Research) and Convener
KIET Centre of Excellence Power Engineering Technology and Clean Energy Integration (CEPET&CEI)
Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
KIET Group of Institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad, Meerut Road (NH-58), Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh-201206, INDIA
Contact No: +91 8377825935, +91 9450838018

Centre of Excellence For Electric Mobility


The climate emergency is high on the global agenda. This necessitates the prohibition or reduced use of fossil fuels for driving the vehicles. In this context, Government of India has approved the National Mission on Electric Mobility and subsequently, National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 was unveiled. Through this NEMMP-2020, Government aims to achieve national energy security, mitigation of the adverse impact of vehicles on the environment and growth of domestic manufacturing capabilities.

In line with National Electric Mobility Mission and thrust of Government of India on Electric Mobility, rapid growth in the Electric Mobility is evident in India. The challenge facing the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry is to provide cost-effective alternatives that will entice vehicle owners to switch over. Efforts should be done to reduce the cost of an electric vehicle while ensuring a substantial increment in the lifespan of Electric vehicles in comparison with an IC Engine based vehicles.

In spite of number of benefits with EVs, there are many bottlenecks which EV’s face for widespread use. Keeping these salient points in focus Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department has started a Centre of Excellence in Electric Mobility. This Excellence Centre is trying to identify the key issues and apply means for eradicating these bottlenecks.