Civil Engineering

Faculty Achievement

Faculty Name Achievement Type Achievement Date Short Description Organization
Dr. A.K.Piyoosh Research Guidance 13 Nov 2021 Dr. A.K. Piyoosh is the Ph.D. Supervisor (External) for Civil Engineering Deaprtment of TMU, Moradabad. TMU, Moradabad
Dr. Kunal Bisht Publication 04 Oct 2021  A review on the utilization of red mud for the production of geopolymer and alkali activated concrete Construction and Building Materials, Elsevier
Dr. Kunal Bisht Publication 01 Oct 2021 Synthesis of Cement Composites Utilizing Ceramic Waste as a Partial Replacement for Portland Cement: Literature Review Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste, ASCE
Dr. Kunal Bisht Publication 01 Oct 2021 Valorization of Red Mud Waste for Cleaner Production of Construction Materials Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste, ASCE
Dr. Kunal Bisht Publication 01 Sep 2021  Experimental investigation of mechanical properties and resistance to acid and sulphate attack of GGBS based concrete mixes with beverage glass waste as fine aggregate Journal of Building Engineering, Elsevier
Dr. Shailendra Kumar Tiwary (Principal Investigator) & Mr. Siddharth Jain (Co-Investigator) Grant for Study Tour 19 Aug 2021 Civil Engineering Department gets Grant of 1,70,000 for Studv Tour of Atal Tunnel under the AICTE Youth Undertaking Visit for Acquiring Knowledge (Yuvak) Scheme AICTE
Amninder Singh Nayyar Publication 20 Jul 2021 Numerical analysis of railway substructure with geocell-reinforced ballast Geomechanics and Geoengineering
Vikas Sharma Publication 01 Jul 2021 Covid-19 and Its Impacts Turkish online journal of qualitative inquiry
Shikha Tyagi Publication 01 Jul 2021 Study of Employees Performance and Appraisal System Turkish online journal of qualitative inquiry
Siddharth jain Publication 01 Jul 2021 Impact Study Of Covid-19 Pandemic On Web Technical Education Turkish online journal of qualitative inquiry
Mr. Sarv Priya Publication 25 Jun 2021 Wind hazards on Indian power system and challenges for future: A review Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
Mr. Shubham Kumar Publication 26 May 2021 Investigation of the impact of eco-friendly building materials on carbon footprints of an affordable housing in hilly region IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
Mr. Siddharth Jain Awards and Recognition 21 Feb 2021 KIET Group of Institutions has been selected among the top-performing colleges of iSAFE UP- Road Safety Clubs in Uttar Pradesh. Transport Department, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh
Dr. Shailendra Kumar Tiwary Awards and Recognition 01 Feb 2021 The Institutions of Engineers (India) presented scroll of Honour to Dr. Shailendra Kumar Tiwary for outstanding contribution to the cause of Engineering and Nation Building Institutions of Engineers (India)
Mr. Varna Vishakhar Publication 21 Jan 2021 Investigational study on microbial degradation of reactive dye by using mixed consortium in the environment Elsevier
Ms. Shikha Tyagi Dronacharya Award 01 Jan 2021 Ms. Shikha Tyagi was awarded with Dronacharya award from Civil Department by KIET Group of Institutions KIET Group of Institutions
Mr. Varna Vishakhar Publication 26 Dec 2020 Climate Risk assessment using PRECIS Modelling and Adaptation Strategies for the Proposed Smart City Ponneri (India). Penwell Corporation
Dr. Atul Kant.Piyoosh Publication 09 Dec 2020 COVID 19 : Impact on mental health of graduating and post graduating student Taylor & Francis
Dr. Kunal Bisht Publication 08 Dec 2020 Functioning of bi-material interface intended for polypropylene fibre concrete Elsevier
Mr.Yasir Karim, Mr.D.K. Sharma, Mr.Ravindra Gautam, Dr.Saif A. Khan, Dr.Sanjeev Singh Publication 08 Dec 2020 High Performance Recycled Aggregate Concrete Using Flyash: A study for Sustainable Development Pennwell Corporation
Pranshu Tiwari, Shreya Shekhar and Ayush Jain Publication 03 Dec 2020 Land Use Land Cover Dynamics in Indore District Using Remote Sensing and GIS EasyChair Preprint
Ms. Shikha Tyagi Award 01 Dec 2020 Ms.Shikha Tyagi secured silver medal in NPTEL online certification exams. NPTEL
Mr.V. Varna Vishakar Publication 29 Oct 2020 Removal of ammonia in water systems using cell immobilization technique in surrounding environment Elsevier
Shubham Kumar Award 11 Oct 2020 Mr. Shubham Kumar received Best Paper Award in International Conference CIMS-2020 (09-11 October 2020) organized by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar CIMS - 2020
Shubham Kumar Publication 11 Oct 2020 Investigation of the impact of eco-friendly building materials on carban foot prints of an affordable housing in plain region CIMS - 2020
Mr.Aniket Kumar Sharma, Mr.Shobhit Pandey, Mr.Ayush Jain and Mr.Shreya Shekhar Publication 07 Sep 2020 Effect of Water Temperature on the Compressive Strength of Silica Fumes based Porous Concrete EasyChair Preprint
Ms.Vineeta Pal, Mr.Amninder Singh Nayyar, Mr.Nikhil Gera, Mr.Ritin Penha, Mr.Ashutosh Verma, Mr.Himanshu Publication 08 Jul 2020 Assessment of pavement for surface deflection and skid resistance Innovare Academics Sciences Pvt. Ltd
Mr.Amninder Singh Nayyar, Ms.Vineeta Pal, Mr.Sonali Singh, Mr.Rajanee Kant Yadav,Mr. Piyush Chaudhary Publication 08 Jul 2020 Effect of soil reinforcement on soil strength characteristics of soil Innovare Academics Sciences Pvt. Ltd
Mr.Ashish,Mr. Sidharth Jain Publication 07 Jul 2020 Remaining service life assessment of existing concrete road bridge subjected to corrosion Fast Track
Ms.Shikha Tyagi, Mr.Shivam Kasana, Mr.Deepak Kumar, Mr.Garvit Garg, Mr.Abhishek Gupta, Mr.Anand Maurya Publication 14 May 2020 Strength and durability effect of marble powder on self compacting concrete Innovare Academics Sciences Pvt. Ltd
Mr.Sarv Priya, Mr.Siddharth Jain Publication 14 May 2020 Experimental study on green concrete: a sustainable approach Innovare Academics Sciences Pvt. Ltd
Mr.Ayush Jain, Mr.Aniket Kumar Sharma, Mr.Shreya Shekhar, Mr.Pranshu Tiwari Publication 14 May 2020 Spatio-temporal analysis of land cover and land use dynamics in Kanpur Nagar District using remote sensing and GIS Innovare Academics Sciences Pvt. Ltd
Mr.Nitesh Bhardwaj, Mr.VikasSharma,Mr.Samarth, Mr.Riyanshu Pal, Mr.Md. Shamim, Shashank, Mr.Vibhor Singhal Publication 14 May 2020 Study of the effect of partial replacement of fine aggregates by jhama brick powder in conventional concrete Innovare Academics Sciences Pvt. Ltd
Mr.Siddharth Jain, Dr.Shailendra Kumar Tiwary, Mr.Gaurav Rajora, Mr.Vaishali Kumari, Mr.Taqi Askari, Mr.AkhilAwasthi Publication 14 May 2020 Re-designing of C.V Raman hostel building using BIM technology Innovare Academics Sciences Pvt. Ltd
Dr.Saif A. Khan,Mr. Yasir Karim, Dr.Sanjeev Singh, Ms.Vineeta Pal Publication 14 May 2020 Analysis for needs of rain water harvesting in Ghaziabad district, India: way ahead towards sustainability Innovare Academics Sciences Pvt. Ltd
     Mr.Ankush Chaudhary, Mr.Rahul Siddarth, Dr.A. K. Sahu, Dr.S. M. Abbas Publication 21 Apr 2020 A study of modelled granular column of various diameter in soil Springer, Singapore
Dr.Kunal Bisht, Mr.K.I. Syed Ahmed Kabeer, Dr.P.V. Ramana Publication 28 Feb 2020 Gainful utilization of waste glass for production of sulphuric acid resistance concrete Elsevier
Dr.Harit Priyadarsh, Mr.Sarv Priya, Mr.AshishJain, Dr.Shadab Khursheed Publication 01 Nov 2019 A literature review on SWM:characteristics,techniques,environmental impacts and health effects in Aligarh city, Uttar pradesh, India Springer
Dr.Harit Priyadarsh, Mr.Sarv Priya, Dr.Shabber Habib Alvi, Mr.Ashish Jain Publication 01 Nov 2019 Physico-chemical analysis of groundwater in Iglas and Beswan, Aligarh district, Uttar pradesh, India Springer
Dr.Kunal Bisht, Mr.Salman Siddique & Dr.P. V. Ramana Publication 17 Oct 2019 Employing atomic force microscopy technique and X-ray diffraction analysis to examine nanostructure and phase of glass concrete. Taylor and Francis
Mr. Siddharth Jain Award 05 Sep 2019 Mr. Siddharth Jain received Dronacharya award from KIET group of institutions. KIET Group of Institutions.
Mr.Vajid Ali, Mr.Siddharth Jain  Publication 14 Jun 2019 Experimental investigation & strength of concrete by using fiber glass Fast Track
Mr.Anil Kumar, Mr.Siddharth Jain, Mr.B.S. Tyagi Publication 14 Jun 2019 Experimental and comparative study of compressive strength of concrete with the use of nano silica Fast Track
Mr.Dhrmveera Singh, Mr.Siddharth Jain Publication 14 Jun 2019 Experimental study of bagasse ash as a cement replacing material Fast Track
Dr. Sanjeev Singh   Recognition 04 May 2019 Dr.Sanjeev Singh received certificate of honour for providing valuable guidance of preparation & presentation of project SWAYAM (Solid liquid waste agricultural yield management) from Council of science & technology, Govt. of UP. Council of science & technology, Govt. of UP.
Mr. Shubham Kumar Award 01 Apr 2019 Mr. Shubham Kumar received gold medal in NPTEL online certification exams. NPTEL
Mr. Sarv Priya Award 01 Apr 2019 Mr. Sarv Priya received gold medal in NPTEL online certification exams. NPTEL
Dr. Kunal Bisht Award 26 Feb 2019 Mr.Kunal received Ph.D. degree on the topic “Valorisation of rubber and glass waste as fine aggregate for the production of concrete”. MNIT JAIPUR
Dr.Harit Priyadarshi, Mr.Sarv Priya, Dr.Shabber Habib Alvi, Mr.Ashish Jain  Publication 21 Feb 2019 Physico-chemical analysis of selected groundwater samples from Sikandra Rao town and its adjoining villages(Hathras District) Uttar Pradesh, India IAEME
Dr.Harit Priyadarshi, Ms.Girija,Mr.Sarv Priya , Dr.Shabber Habib Alvi , Mr.Sangharsh Rao Publication 21 Feb 2019 A study on physico-chemical characteristics of groundwater in Aligarh and Agra District Uttar Pradesh, India Institute of Medico-Legal Publications
Dr. A.K.Piyoosh Award 16 Feb 2019 Dr. Atul Kant Piyoosh received best professor award. Taj, Mumbai
Dr. Sanjeev Singh & Mr. Ravindra Gautam  Publication 16 Feb 2019 Sustainable approach to solid waste  IJPublication
Mr. Ravindra Gautam,Dr. Pankaj Singh Publication 16 Feb 2019 Role of civil engineers in green building IJPublication
Mr. Yasir Karim & Mr. Ravindra Gautam  Publication 16 Feb 2019 Thermal analysis of submarine power cable considering natural convection  IJPublication
Mr. Shubham Srivastava, Mr. Siddharth Jain  Publication 16 Feb 2019 Intelligent transportation system in india  IJPublication
Mr.Siddharth Jain  Publication 16 Feb 2019 Study of control the pollution by road side purifiers by water storage and through raw material concept IJPublication
Dr.N. Tiadi , Mr.C. R. Mohanty,Mr. Siddharth Jain  Publication 16 Feb 2019 Column operations for sorption of chromium and lead from aqueous solution using industrial wastes  IJPublication
Mr.NiteshBhardwaj, Mr.Mohd Sharique, Mr.Rajat Jain, Mr.Kunal Gupta, Mr.Mohd Fahad, Mr.Sadique Khan Publication 16 Feb 2019 Review paper-effect of crumb rubber tyre in conventional concrete  IJPublication
Mr.Yasir Karim, Ms.Megha Cheema, Ms.Neha Agarwal, Ms.Pooja Gothwal, Mr.Nirjhar Joshi, Mr.Manish Kumar Verma Publication 16 Feb 2019 Effect and optimization of micro silica on high grade strength of concrete IJPublication
Dr.Kunal Bisht, Dr.P.V. Ramana Publication 12 Jan 2019 Waste to resource conversion of crumb rubber for production of sulphuric acid resistant concrete Elsevier
Siddharth Jain, Prateek Gupta, and Deepa Book Chapter 10 Nov 2018 Analyzing Long-Term Benefits In The Face Of Higher Upfront Cost for Green Affordable Housing: A Study Of Ghaziabad, UP (INDIA) Apple Academic Press partner with CRC Press -Taylor & Francis Group
Mr.Yasir Karim Publication 17 May 2018 Strength characteristics of self-cured concrete Fast Track
Mr. Siddharth Jain Publication 17 May 2018 Retrofitting of RC continuous beam with glass FRP sheet Fast Track
Dr. A.K.Piyoosh Publication 15 May 2018 Identification and analysis of recent temporal temperature trends for Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India Springer
Dr. A.K.Piyoosh Award 12 Dec 2017 Mr. Atul Kant Piyoosh was awarded PhD degree. IIT ROORKEE
Mr. Siddharth Jain Award 01 Sep 2017 Mr.Siddharth Jain successfully completed the entrepreneurship faculty educator program under ministry of skill development &entrepreneurship. Ministry of skill development & entrepreneurship
Mr. Hemant Kr. Gupta Publication 22 Aug 2017 Enhancement in stabilization properties of soil using waste polypropylene plastic fiber IJESTSR
Ms. Shikha Tyagi Publication 08 Aug 2017 Comparative study on compressive strength of self cured concrete and normally cured concrete Fast Track
Mr. Hemant Kr. Gupta Publication 10 Feb 2017 Shear strength enhancement of soil by using coconut fiber IJIR
Dr. Atul Kant.Piyoosh Publication 29 Jan 2017 Semi-automatic mapping of anthropogenic impervious surfaces in an urban/suburban area using landsat 8 satellite data Taylor & Francis
Dr. Atul Kant.Piyoosh Publication 17 Jan 2017 A comparative assessment of temperature data from different sources for Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India Springer
Dr. Atul Kant.Piyoosh Publication 06 Jan 2017 Development of a modified bare soil and urban index for landsat 8satellite data Taylor & Francis
Mr. Siddharth Jain Publication 05 Jan 2017 Investigation of Strength Characteristics of Concrete by Replacing Curing Water with Self Curing Compounds Fast Track
Dr. Atul Kant.Piyoosh Publication 11 Nov 2016 Effect of autocorrelation on temporal trends in rainfall in a valley region at the foothills of Indian Himalayas Springer