Civil Engineering

Class Room

Classes of Civil Engineering Department runs on the ground & first floor of E-Block. It has well equipped air-conditioned classrooms with smart-boards, audio systems, projectors, and can comfortably seat up to 70 students.

Usage of smart boards in the civil engineering department provide a means of learning for all students, including students with different learning styles as most students learn by actually doing and physically interacting with a medium, so smart boards gives students the opportunity to explore and manipulate concepts of a lesson. Also, students of every grade level show increased motivation and enjoy the interaction that the technology offers.

The ability to hear an instructor is critical to students’ success. When the classrooms are properly amplified it improves students’ attention and thus their interactions increase. Classrooms of Civil engineering department are well equipped with premium audio systems which improve speech intelligibility, comprehension and retention through proper engineering.

The classrooms have space enough to conduct some in-class group activities to enhance student interaction and confidence.